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Monday, December 1, 2014

Neighborhood in Guaymas

The first of December already – how did that happen so fast? It was just July a couple of days ago.
I backed up my laptop yesterday. Try to remember to do it the end of every month. I’d hate to lose all my pictures etc.
Here’s Alfie in all her/his glory with the bay doors gone. The park manager has assured us nothing has ever gone missing in this park. It will probably be the end of the week before we get them back and on.
So what did we do yesterday? Not a whole lot of anything. First we went out to breakfast to the buffet at El Mar. It was really crowded – don’t think we’ll go again. Then we went with our friends next door to the shipyard to see a boat they are thinking about buying.  As we drove through what to us was a different section of town I took some pictures to share. Here we passed a Christmas tree lot. Remember it was Nov 30 and about 80 degrees out. I wonder how long they will last. At least they have some shade, but no water. This is a desert area so if there isn’t any landscaping there is only dirt.
On almost every corner there is a little store of some sort. This one is a bakery and food stuff store named Karina. And yep that is a pay phone outside.
Another kind of tope- made of what looks like cannon balls half buried in the street. They get your attention quickly. Maybe some day I’ll do a whole blog on the different kinds of topes.
This particular neighborhood seems to be single family homes built with common walls. Each one is two stories. Notice the bottoms are plastered and painted the tops mostly are unplastered cinder blocks. Each person can decide how they are going to use their front space. Some have added an addition and turned it into a little store; some just add a cover for their car or a table and chairs. There is a food cart of some sort in the street.
Here is a baseball field with a game in progress. Mexico is really into baseball. In this northern part we see more baseball fields than soccer fields.
A small house selling soft drinks and piñatas out front of it.
Another big sports complex, this one for boxing and baseball.
A big home set off all by itself. Can’t imagine trying to keep it clean with all the dust flying around.
A memorial to someone who lost his life here. Christmas trees and all.
Another brightly colored home. Notice the trimmed trees out front. The air-conditioned and water tank on the flat roof.
These people have built a garage out front, just big enough for one car.
Here we have parking for one and a patio and stairs leading to the top floor that has a balcony.
Back in Guaymas proper we went to Auto Zone so Bill could pick up something for the car. Then to Wal*Mart for a couple of groceries. Then on home.
There were too many clouds in the distance for the sunset to be really pretty But did get one or two pictures that were kind of nice.

Bill just fixed breakfast so I need to eat. Maybe we'll go out by the sand dune and beach today. 

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