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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cool cloudy day

Days here in San Carlos are starting to drag. We want to move on but are still waiting for our storage bay doors. And the weather being cooler and damp isn’t helping the situation any. We’re paid up for tonight so really hope we can be on the road tomorrow, Monday, morning. We’ll see.
Yesterday morning we took a trip into Guaymas to check on the progress. Bill talking to Gilbert the painter. 
He said he’d deliver the smaller doors in the afternoon and the bigger ones today, Sunday.
Work being done on the doors. – No none were delivered yesterday. Sooooo…
Driving in Guaymas – the main road is in the process of being resurfaced. It is fun driving with no lane markings. Everyone just makes their own lane depending on where they want to go. But the road is really nice.
At a light we were next to a bus. That is the window on the bus – things you wouldn’t see in the U.S.
After getting back in San Carlos we went to the marina where there was an Arts and Craft show raising money for charity. It was cooler than it’s been and the sky was quite overcast.
Some hammocks for sale.
Lots of people there. Mostly North Americans except for some vendors.
Beautiful embroidered pieces and crepe paper flowers.
She is working on a Christmas wreath.
Didn’t buy anything but enjoyed walking around and checking out things.
Then back to the RV to wait for the doors…
I met another blogger yesterday afternoon. She and her husband and two dachshunds winter in Mazatlan on Stone Island every year. Her blog is 5C’s Que Pasa. We’ve exchange comments on each others blog but have never met before. They have already headed south this morning.
Today there are no clouds in the sky but it is much cooler out than it has been. Finally had to resort to the TelCel to get this posted. 
Might post later or edit this if we get the doors - 

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