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Friday, December 12, 2014

Part 2 Busy day in Mazatlan

The sun just came up in a clear blue sky. The gray days are gone and I hope some of the humidity.
Before I forget. A friend was nice enough to give me some information on the strange plant here in the campground. Quite an interesting plant. Plant Info
Back to yesterday. We came home for a bit then went back to Centro Historico around 5:30. On the way across town we passed two processions honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. [we later saw some of these people in the main plaza – ten mile walk] The first procession
 Their float
 A little bit of the not so special sunset 
 The second procession - they had a band on the float 
We parked in the lot right next to the Plazuela Machado. The owner of the lot also made a fuss over us – how had the summer been, when did we get back to Mazatlan and how did Bill feel. Then he and the owner’s husband discussed how good they felt – as both had had heart problems a few years ago.
Leaving them we walked back up to check out the main Plaza. All the Christmas decorations were lit up – very pretty.

By then the street where all the foods carts were set up was closed to traffic and crowded with good smells and people.
The cart we’d watched being set up was selling corn on the cob. It always looks and smells good but it is not sweet corn like we are used to. 
Checked on Bill’s boots they weren’t ready yet. So we walked around and stopped to watched another shoe man repair a pair of high heels. 
His "shop" right there on the sidewalk.
He was putting new bottoms on the heel part. And got talking to the couple the shoes belonged to. He spoke excellent English and come to find out his name was the same as Bills – Guillermo – so they became fast buddies. The new pads on the heels cost 30 pesos to fix. US $2.10…at home they would have been thrown out. Are there any shoe repairmen left in the US? I haven’t seen one in years.
Then back to the Plazuela Machado for dinner at Beach Burger. Italian Chicken Salads – very good. Listened to the music while we ate and people watched. Very pleasant listening and great weather. No jacket necessary. 
 Neither of us could finish our salads they were so big and delicious. Not a good picture but you get the idea. 
After dinner back to the main Plaza where we really checked out the food carts. A lot of them were making and serving pancakes. Guillermo told us they are traditional this time of year - winter. Hard for us to remember it is winter. 

I even got a gordita – kind of a flat corn muffin – cooked on a grill.
gorditas cooking 
Explaining to Bill what they are, how they're made and how to eat them 
I just had butter in mine – but could have jam or dulce de leche or condensed milk in it.  
Don’t know what this was but a lot of people were buying it. One of the few not sweet things 
And we even found corn dogs, They were dipped into this can of boiling oil until cooked. The girl held them by the stick until they were done. 
We shouldn't have gone to dinner before roaming around here. 
Then home. Bill wore me out…
I took lots of pictures – some good some not so good. The phone takes better pictures in low light but obviously I don’t know how to use it very well. Got a lot of pictures of my feet or my finger – even managed a selfie – don’t know how I did that. Also I can’t figure out how to zoom it. Will practice with it and get better. At least I figured out how to get the pics from the phone to the laptop without too much trauma.
Before I forget with all we did – not including the laundry – the RV wash, boots shined, blanket, blouse, dinner, parking twice, groceries at Mega and my gordita we spent just over $66 all day.
The first part of our day is in the blog below this - a two parter day. 

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