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Friday, December 26, 2014

Quiet Christmas Day

We had a quiet and pleasant Christmas Day. Started off by going to the Torres [hotel on the beach] restaurant for breakfast. While eating we saw our friend John from the campground swim by. He waved but I missed that shot.
the little pink spot is him 
Then we took a leisurely ride all the way across town. There was no one on the roads and most businesses were closed. A view of the town.
Stopped by the Dolphin fountain and walked around a bit.
Across the street was this new mural.
Then we stopped at the area where the cliff divers perform. None there yesterday and very few vendors. The Mermaid statue with the city in the back ground. No haze in the air.
Another view of town – from under the divers platform – the stairs up to it are on the left.
Then we drove up to the El Mirador restaurant. There are also stairs one can walk up to get there. I think NOT.
Looking out over downtown.
Looking over the water to Stone Island – it really isn’t an island but that is what it is called. There are a couple of RV parks there and lots and lots of big palm trees and a long beach.
Kind of a panoramic view
From there we drove over where the cruise ships dock – none in on Christmas Day – then we followed the blue line into Centro Historico. Notice no traffic!
Drove around the city a little – nice to be able to go slow and really admire the buildings. Then to the Golden Zone where we even found street parking. So we walked around there a bit. Nice to see so many of the little shops open again. Between the cruise ships coming back and the new road from Durango there are a lot more tourists here. 

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