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Thursday, December 11, 2014

RIBS at Fat Fish

Up before the birds and sun again this morning – two days in a row. But the difference this morning was we had no electricity. But we had been told the electricity would be off between 6 to 7 a.m. as something was being worked on. So first thing I had to do was find some matches so I could light the stove [need the match because the burners have an electronic lighter] and a pan to heat some coffee. Which I had enough sense to make last night.
And the most amazing thing of all – the electricity actually came back on at 7 a.m. on the dot.
It is very overcast this morning and was gray and overcast all day yesterday with VERY high humidity. Around 90% ICK! The kind of weather when it is raining without rain drops. The humidity keeps it really warm at night too.  It really bothers me but doesn’t seem to bother Bill at all. He was busy as a bee yesterday. Put up some Christmas lights and changed one of the light fixtures in here on the ceiling. The one that quick working was the one we use the most naturally so he exchanged it with one we don’t use at all. All work on the ceiling above his head. And no breathing problems at all. Thank God. He says he feels better than he has in a year. 
So we kept busy yesterday – dropped of the laundry, went to market.
Then for lunch we went to Christy’s the sports bar in the Marina and watched a soccer game. Barcelona won 3 – 1 over PSG. Bill had a great delicious looking salad and I had a hotdog with sauerkraut - my favorite - and fries with sodas - US $ 12.00 Came home and did a few things in here then went out to dinner at Fat Fish for RIBS with Angelica our good good friend here. The price of the dinner has gone up – it is now 190 pesos for two meals – with yesterday’s exchange rate it comes to US $ 13.30!!!!! Dinner includes salad, baked potato, coleslaw, garlic bread and the full rack of ribs.
So far we’ve had the car washed, dropped off the laundry and today the RV will get washed. So it will soon be time to play.
I was walking around the campground yesterday and found the most unusual plant climbing up the fencing. It has yellow flowers and orange pods.
The flowers.
Some other little flower that is climbing on the same fence.
One of the orange pods.
The pods split open
Then they grow red berries. Weird looking.
I love the different looking plants we find here.


  1. Enjoy the flower pictures - some so unusual


  2. I think your humidity is worse then our's right now! Funny - there was someone else on Facebook 'on the road to Mexico' group that was having ribs there too! They are staying at the San Fernando RV park - funny you were there the same day. There is another blogger at Las Jaibas that I follow - Kathy and Eric - not sure if you know them - I told them you were there also. http://kathyericstravels.blogspot.mx

  3. On, you were so right! Those ribs look amazing.
    Park looks great.