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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ocean and Birds - lots of birds

WOW managed to get on line with the TelCel.
It looks like it will be another nice day in San Carlos. The sun is up but there is a slight overcast right now.
Yesterday morning Bill and I took a little walk up along the ocean it was so pretty out. Very calm seas and no wind. This guy was sitting on the rock all by himself and running other birds off that tried to land there.
We walked a ways up then turned around to come home and lo and behold he was sharing his rock. Kind of cozy looking there. Maybe he was just saving her (?) place.
When we got back to the RV I put a load of laundry in and we decided it was too nice to stay there so we went out to breakfast at a favorite restaurant. Can’t beat the view. And for a while we were the only people there. Good food and soft music in the background. 
Outside of the restaurant in the patio a Christmas tree of palm fronds was being put together.
Then it still being to nice to go home we took a drive up to the sand dune beach. Passing these guys putting in curbing and a sidewalk.
Driving out to the san dune – Giving Willie his adventure for the day. Half way in we discovered we were going in the "out" road. Oh well.
At the beach looking back towards the town. The back side of the mountain that is in all my sunset pictures
Sign on the beach – hum? Aren’t those tire tracks on both sides of the sign?
Now that has got to be a BIG bird.
I stuck my feet in the water and got right back out – it was colder than I thought it would be. A picture of the dune.
On the way home we stopped at a small estuary to watch the birds.
A couple of years ago it was almost completely dry. Now it is full of water and hundreds of birds. Pelicans, sea gulls, a duck looking thing, cranes and herons. And they were chasing fish all over the place. You know Simple things amuse simple minds. Spent quite a while there watching them.
The birds would sit in the water letting the flow or tide move them then they would take off after the fish. Amazing to watch.

I took a video but don’t imagine I’ll be able to upload it as I can’t even get on line this morning – not even with the TelCel. But we’ll see. [finally the TelCel is working and wouldn't you know it - Bill has managed to get on-line with the park's Internet - there goes my electronic gremlin again I guess.]
Read a laugh out loud book yesterday called “Choosing Charleston” by T Lynn Ocean. Just a fun book with a little bit of intrigue thrown in. Going to look for more books by her. This one was free for Nook. 
Some of the compartment doors were supposed to be brought back yesterday – but didn’t happen. We’ll get them when we get them I guess. And I see a cat has taken up residence in one of the open bays – will have to make sure it is gone when the door is put back on. No house work today. After all it is the weekend!

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  1. We have been to Sand Dune Beach a couple of times bird watching. It seems to be a local's beach. Lots of ATV zipping around.