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Sunday, July 12, 2015

2nd Post Today - We are on the road!

Heavy, heavy rain in the area last night caused a lot of damage and moved our departure up one day. This is an area in the campground next to us. Yesterday it was a dry ditch. Today it is four feet deep, three feet wide and moving with force. Time to get out of here. It was a chore getting the levelers up out of the dirt and cleaned off so they could retract. 
Our plans to begin with this morning were to go into Columbus for breakfast and a few groceries. Then come home and slowly get the RV ready to leave Monday morning. Our plans changed. Took this driving into town. The dark area between the trees and above the highway are the storm clouds moving away from us. It was just drizzling when we were going to town.  
 Parked in "our spot" outside our favorite restaurant. Over the last eight years we've become good friends with several of the people who work here. Really good friends. Hard to say GoodBye. 
 After eating and shopping we headed home. While eating breakfast we got to wondering why we were waiting until tomorrow to leave. The rain was beyond us and the weather clear west of us. Decided - we left. Pulled out of the RV park at 11:15 and got to our first stop in Illinois at 3:30. But to get there we passed a lot of damage. These pictures are of the golf course in Nashville, IN. Nobody out there today. Also lots of trees down and power out. It was quite a storm. 

 As long as we lived here I never saw water in this creek. We talked to the Estate Sale guy and he said trees were down on road to house and one road was too flooded to go through. Lovely. 
As we continued west on the I-70 the weather cleared up and got warmer. Just going into Illinois. 
We moved to Indiana in July of 2007 - so we were there eight years. Six of which were great. The last two with Bill's allergies not so good. But we'll miss the greenery - but not the weather it takes to keep it green.  Look at this blue sky with puffy white clouds - no rain in sight. 

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