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Monday, July 13, 2015

One day and one mile and one aggravation at a time

We are in Joplin, MO and it is 8:40 at night and the temperature is 91 but "feels like" 102. Need I say more. We left the campground in Illinois this morning at 15 to 7:00 and it was already hot and humid out. Notice the mist rising from the grounds.
 I actually was trying to take a picture of the big barge on the river but of course got Bill too. Had to laugh - usually when we are going through here in the fall and spring he has on his beanie and gloves. He even looks hot. 
 Crossing over the river into Missouri.
 We take the I-270 bypass around Saint Louis. After missing the turnoff in downtown Saint Louis twice I won't go that way any more. Didn't save any time as the traffic was almost as bad and the miles are longer. But it sure saves my ego.  All the way through I could hear Bill muttering "I hate big cities." Me too. Some drivers have no concept of how long it takes an RV to slow down and/or stop. Especially the guys/gals driving the cars with bright fancy paint jobs.
 Finally through Saint Louis and on the I-44 west. Glad we weren't going the other way. This was backed up for miles. 
 I was thinking about how many times we've traveled this route and how many times we've said, "We should stop and see that." Like the worlds biggest wind chime, the worlds biggest golf tee, The foot high pies at the Blue Springs Restaurant and all the murals in Cuba, MO. And all the things we talked about doing in and around our home in Nashville. Guess now we'll have to make a special trip just to do those things. But not in the summer. Talked to friend back home. They got another severe storm today that dumped 1 1/2 inches of rain in less than an hour. Glad we left yesterday.
We have passed this place twice a year and it continues to amuse me. This is all metal work. And it is really big stuff.
 Just more of it
And I always admire the paint jobs on the trucks at this place. I want one ...
So any way we finally arrived in Joplin seven hours after leaving Mulberry Grove. Stopped for about an hour to eat. Did 357 miles - seemed like 3000! Had to keep the generator running to run the big AC the engine one just didn't cut it. We are staying at the KOA we always stay at here.
When Bill started to hook up he ran into a problem. The main power cable from the Alfa didn't work. We've been having problems with it but thought they were corrected. Guess not. The plug burned out. Lovely - went to the office to ask about where we could buy a new one or get it repaired. He sent us to Wheelen RV in Joplin just up the road. One of the workers just resting. Just kidding.
They didn't have any new ones but the service man offered to repair the old one. He replaced the plug while we waited. 
I would highly recommend this place if you ever need repairs while in Joplin. After getting the repair done we went across the street to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Good food, good price. One the way back to the RV park the thermometer in the Jeep! Last time it registered 100 was a long time ago and I don't remember where. 
So now the electric is working fine - but the AC is struggling to keep it cool in here. Tomorrow is another day - and another hot one. I hope we only go as far as Oklahoma City - but...


  1. Welcome to Missouri on our hottest, most humid day so far this year!! Safe travels & go Kyle.

  2. Thank you for the welcome. Is it always so hot and humid here?
    Glad to meet another Kyle fan.