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Friday, July 24, 2015

One week here already

Hummm thought I posted this last night. Guess I didn't. 

Wow - Thursday already, we've been here in Vegas for a week already. Things are moving right along.
Yesterday we went over to the house and the contractors are working hard. All new flooring - wood and carpet. Kitchen cabinets are getting fixed and repainted. We got measurements of rooms and windows. Signed some of the paperwork.
As for our mail. Almost everything is on line - so only a few things will go astray. As soon as we get the final papers signed I'll be able to go on line and make most of the change of addresses that are important. In hind sight we should have just had our mail held and had a friend pick it up and send it to us. Oh well. Live and learn. 
The most important news is - ta da - Bill is feeling just great. He is getting so excited about what things he can do after we move in. Make shelving for garage, stuff inside etc. etc. So glad to see him planning again. He can breathe and neither his nose nor his eyes are running. What a difference.
And I'm not having any trouble with the heat - and heat we are having - been over 100. It sure doesn't bother me like the heat in Indiana.  Here the heat index goes the other way. Instead of 100 "feels like" 105 it is 105 "feels like" 95. And humidity is about 20% Had a couple of cloudy days and a few minutes of sprinkles but that's all gone now. 
I know I wrote more than this but guess it just zipped into the cloud somewhere. Oh well. Lots to do today.


  1. Glad you are getting things accomplished that you were wanting to do. Happy to hear that Bill is feeling much better.

  2. So it sounds like you have decided to take the place. Last post you weren't so certain.

  3. Nice to hear you are both doing well in the heat! Looking forward to seeing photos of your new home.