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Saturday, July 4, 2015

STOP THE PRESSES – It did not rain for the entire day! But it was very high humidity – we could see the air. A picture of the big yellow thing in the sky through the humid air.
It is not supposed to rain for two more days!
Still having some problems with the RVs house batteries but today with the sun out the solar panels seem to be charging them. But still have to figure out why they are discharging so quickly.
Don’t know what happened to my laptop but all of a sudden I couldn’t watch any videos – including the videos in my picture files. When I tried to watch one the area of the video just turned a dark green. Did not have that problem up until yesterday afternoon. Don’t know why it started to happen. Wondering if it was because I set up the printer. So I uninstalled the printer – didn’t help. Went on line and found out it was a common problem. Just had to download an updated driver for my “display adapter” the graphics card. That fixed the problem but still don’t know what caused it.  In trying to fix it I also discovered it is next to impossible to “restore” the computer back to a previous date when you have Windows 8.1 I couldn’t even understand the directions to do it. UGH.
The traffic on the highway in front of the campground is amazing – didn’t know there were that many RVs and horse trailers and motorcycles in Indiana. It has finally let up, at least until after the fireworks in town.
Watched the final of the Copa America soccer game today. Went into overtime 0 to 0 then to penalty kicks. And Argentina lost…could not believe it. Right now I’m waiting for the NASCAR Xfinity race to begin. Another rain delay. Kyle isn’t driving in this one. But yesterday in the Cup practice he got in a wreck. Not hurt but will have to drive his backup car tomorrow. I would think he would hate this track.

I fixed a pork roast with apples, onions and potatoes today. Cooked it in our big electric fry pan. It turned out tasting good but I put the vegetables in the pan too soon – they got a little too soft. We’ve had that pan for years but I don’t think I ever used it before. Need to learn how to cook in it. Mostly I forgot we had it here in the Alfa.  
A couple of unrelated things.While we were gone over the winter our local McDonalds did a lot of remodeling. One of the things they did was paint this neat mural on one of the walls. 
Also saw these beautiful flowers today. Love the color of them. 
Fireworks are starting to go off in the neighborhood - hope they use them all up fast. This has not been a very good day for Bill. Guess all the aggravation with the RV during the last couple of nights and the high humidity just caught up with him. He can't wait to get to Vegas. 


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