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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life in Brown County

I don't have too much to say today. Will let the pictures speak for themselves. 11:00 in the morning, Wednesday. Looking out the front window. It has been raining since same time yesterday. 
 Looking towards the main part of the campground. The road is completely underwater. Our levelers even on big pieces of wood have sunk far enough we are resting completely on the tires and listing a little to the left rear. Nothing we can do about it. 
 Just took this snap off the phone. We will not be getting dry weather for a long, long time. Weather is moving due east. In the two months since we've been home we've had about seven days of sunshine - and maybe ten without rain. 
 Flash Flood watches - Brown County is right there in it. The rivers are rising from all the rain up north. Yesterday Indianapolis had 4.3 inches of rain. Some places had over 5 inches. But remember it has been raining almost steady for two months. No place for the water to go anymore. Lots of water rescues in Indy and north yesterday. 
So where are we moving? Why Las Vegas - and this is a picture of Las Vegas Monday. A storm hit the valley with LOTS of rain and hail. Flooding in the streets. WHAT THE HECK? Rained there yesterday too. A desert storm is a sight to behold.
Our plans stay the same to leave here on Monday, but there has already been a change in the weather pattern, Rain is predicted for the Saint Louis area and west as far as Joplin until Wednesday. But we are going anyway. Bill will just drive careful. From Joplin on it should be dry weather west. Sure hope so. But then I'll probably be complaining about the heat. 
And the problem with the Alfa's house batteries isn't fixed - they are still discharging. It was just that for two days we had enough sun for the solar panels to charge them. Bill says the Alfa is getting like him - old and cranky. 
After leaving the house yesterday we went to the bigger town of Bloomington and went to a used book store. All paperbacks are only $1.00 so Bill stocked up and I found another John D McDonald book. They are hard to come by anymore. So he is reading laying on the bed today. When the sky is this thick with rain the satellite TV doesn't work all that well. 
This is depressing. 

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