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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The old man is snoring

Imagine that - the sun is actually out. It came out about an hour ago after a very heavy downpour last night and continued drizzle this morning. Humidity is 78%  We are leaving early Monday morning no matter what. 
Now the temperatures are rising and it is getting more and more like a steam bath. I can see the moisture rising up off the pavement.
Here is a picture of our back leveler - the Alfa is so heavy it has bent the wet wood as the jack goes lower and lower into the dirt. Maybe a new way to bend wood. 
 At least there is a nice breeze so I've got the windows open for awhile. But that doesn't help Bill any - He has had a couple of really bad days, especially yesterday. Spent most of the day laying down.The view out of the RV window. Everything is so bright and clean. 

 We're hoping the weather continues to stay dry - especially for tomorrow - the first day of the estate sale. And just noticed on the sale web site his MapQuest map is wrong! Called him but got voicemail. Sure hope he gets the message. 
Took advantage of the let up in the weather and went to breakfast and WalMart this morning. You think it's been raining a little?


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