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Saturday, July 11, 2015

More humid weather.

The sun is actually out again today. But the clouds are moving in again. Supposed to have heavy storms tonight. Doesn't it ever end? Of course the humidity is horrid. Remember the crack in the refrigerator door that we could stick a quarter in when we were out west. No sign of it now. Even the sheets on the bed feel damp. 
We went into town this morning to pick up my laptop. Hopefully it is fixed with regards to the video problem. But I'm afraid to try one for fear I'll pick up another virus. The Best Buy is in a strip mall that has a little creek running along the road side of it. There are always geese around it. Lots and lots of geese. So many no one would want to walk along the sidewalks here. Lots of goose sh.. there. 
After finishing our errands we went to visit a friend who lives just north of Nashville - our little town. The last time we'll be going by this beautiful sculpture. 
Some of the pretty flowers growing around town. 

Watched the Xfinity NASCAR race last night. At least there weren't any horrible wrecks. Tonight is the Cup race so that will keep me amused for a while. Right now we are inside with he windows close and the AC running, at least that makes Bill feel better. He is watching "How the West Was Won." Forgot how many stars were in it - and how long it is. 
It is kind of fun to read some of the previous posts I've made using the buttons below the blog. 

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