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Monday, July 20, 2015

Weird Las Vegas Day

This getting up at the crack of dawn - 5:30 - has got to stop! "Cause then I want to take a nap then I stay up to after midnight can't I can't sleep 'cause I took a nap. Vicious cycle. Bill can take a nap and still go to bed at a decent time.
Today was an interesting day in many ways. First we are waiting for a call from the people handling the new home. Called them twice - busy with someone else - will call us back...wait, wait. Call again - oh didn't they call? Nope. Will give them another message. Finally called them back and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning. So we should know something more by tomorrow afternoon.
Finally figured out where the Post Office closest to our new zip code is. When we left Indiana we had, on advice of the post office, our mail forwarded to the general delivery at the zip code here. Provided by the Indiana PO. Well - there is not post office in that zip code. So we went to closest PO. Very nice person told us all general delivery mail is sent to only two POs in Vegas. He gave us address of the one for our zip code. About eight miles away. Found it finally. Very nice man checked and said there was no mail for us. Really didn't expect any yet but...So we explained to him that our change of address in Indiana was just general delivery at the zip code - not an address. He smiled - Well...it will take about a month, has to go to Atlanta first then it may or may not arrive here at this particular post office. Ah! Here is a change of address card - you really want to get an address quick and change it. Okay. Bye. Lovely.
Then we got a phone call on our cell from the furniture mover company. While we were in the car on the way from the Post Office. They were upset because the move had not been paid for and they couldn't reach us at our home phone. No kidding - we moved. We got name and number so we could call them back when we got back to the Alfa and got the job number. Called the lady back [20 minutes later] she could not remember who we were...Then all she knew was they hadn't been paid. And they couldn't reach us. Dah - weren't we returning HER call. Come to find out the drivers never turned in the paper work with the credit card info on it. Now they wanted cash or wire transfer. Finally got a hold of someone who knew what was going on and got that straightened out. I hope. 
Then we went to pick up Bill's computer. That went fine and it is working great thank goodness. 
Like I said a weird day. 
And it is muggy here in Nevada - what is with that? 
I think I'll have a glass or two of wine and go to bed. 

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