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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

But I want to keep that! NOT

Well. Start the presses back up again. Woke up to rain and more rain and when it isn’t raining it might as well be. Humidity of 85%. Sometimes I feel bad about leaving here but on days like this I sure don’t. And I won’t miss the bugs and mice either.
Ran errands yesterday. Went to the bank and the post office. The PO to try to figure out a solution for our mail. Hold it here – but can only do that for a month and –get this – to get it sent by the PO to us we have to go to this PO to sign papers for the shipping. Ah! If we are here why ship it? So probably will have it sent to General Delivery in Vegas and pick it up when we get there.
Fixed a good dinner last night: chicken breast, garlic noodles and a sautéed yellow squash, zucchini, onion and tomato and lemon juice. Yummy.
We have finally settled on a leave by date – next Monday the 13th. It looks, so far, like the weather going west will be pretty good that week.
Went up to the house both yesterday and today. Yesterday to drop somethings off. Noticed these bright yellow mushrooms/toadstools in the yard.
Today the estate sale people were there getting things set up. They brought shelving to display things on. Getting set up in our empty bedroom.
And all the dishes pulled out of the buffet. Sure are a lot of them. And we shipped two sets.
Kind of hard to see the stuff sitting there – kept thinking I wanted some of it back. But I controlled myself and left empty handed.
Last look out over the valley from the side deck. Sure is pretty here – MUST BE ALL THE RAIN!
Bill is having a really hard time the last few days – the pollen and mold counts are off the chart and the humidity is horrid. He says he has no regrets about leaving. Can’t blame him. 

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