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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunny Sunday

The picture in the header is the view from our new back yard. 
The sun was out all day here in Vegas and the temperatures didn't quite reach 100.
How much our life has changed in a couple of weeks - from this
 To this - and soon hopefully to our new home. Need to take a picture of it.  
I was up at 5:30 this morning just as it was getting light out. In Indiana we lived at the far western edge of Eastern Time Zone so it didn't get light until after 7 a.m. But it stayed light until 9:30 p.m. Here it gets light early but is dark by 8:15. as now we are in the far eastern edge of the Pacific Time Zone. The sun coming up over the mountains.
 The 1000 Trails RV park is almost empty this time of year.  Usually when we're here it is wall to wall RVs. 
 We decided to relax an enjoy Sunday. So first thing we went out to breakfast at Mimi's Restaurant in Henderson. Haven't been to a Mimi's since moving away from here eight years ago. Food was good but expensive - coffee almost $3 a cup! Which reminds me gasoline is around $3.25 a gallon. Not used to that either. 
After breakfast we came back to the Alfa because I am addicted to NASCAR and it was time for the race. Sure glad we watched it. My favorite driver #18 Kyle Busch WON the race. He has won three out of the last eight races. He missed the first eleven races of the season because he broke both legs at the beginning of the season. 
After I quit screaming and jumping up and down we got in the car and went furniture shopping. Went to a big furniture store and saw this in the parking lot - only in Vegas - not sure how to describe it except it was a Chrysler convertible. No one was in it. The hat is on the driver's seat head rest. What looks like a head on the passenger seat is really a rock. 

The entire inside is covered with artificial grass. The blue is plastic fringe. Supposed to resemble waterfalls I guess. 
 The dash board, doors, seats and floor boards all covered in grass!
 And we actually found something we liked - on sale - so we now own a dining room set: table and six chairs - kind of distressed country chic - or something like that. 
It was a beautiful day here in Vegas. And this is the closest we've been to the strip. Just passing by 
Hopefully tomorrow will be busy making decisions about and signing papers for the house. 

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