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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I love the desert.

I slept in this morning – it is very overcast and gray out.  Kind of nice. Hopefully it won’t get so hot today.
Bill was up early waiting for an RV repair person who actually showed up on time – big city time, no more Brown County time. Forgot how nice that was. We had a basement door that one of the struts was giving us problems and something wrong with the water filter. All’s fixed now. And we’re getting new batteries installed – that will fix the discharging problem. If anyone is ever here in Las Vegas and needs repairs I would recommend him: Precision Maintenance + Repair 702-994-7999, Industrial Rd, Las Vegas.
Didn’t realize it has been that long since I’ve posted. Time flies when busy.
As of today we are proud home owners of a manufactured home. All the papers are signed sealed and delivered. I’d forgot the hassle of the little things involved with moving. Like getting the utilities turned on, still messing with change of addresses – but I’m trying to do most of them on line. Or downloading the forms needed to do the changes. I hope I’m not forgetting something important.
Today we have to remeasure the small bedroom to see if we can get two good sized computer desks in there. Will use it as an office. Once all the work is done I’ll take pictures. Right now it is kind of tore up. But here is the house from the front.
Another view from the back yard

A look from the living/dining room into the kitchen – before – with its ugly black cupboards.
Here is the kitchen as it looks now – being repainted white.
Hopefully we’ll find out today when all the work will be done so we can call the movers and schedule the delivery. We talked the RV park into letting us stay until Aug 6 but don’t know if we can extend it beyond that. Sure hope so ‘cause I’d hate to have to pull everything in and have to move a few blocks for a few days. This is a membership park and has limited staying time. Cross our fingers I guess.

Us old folks want a landline phone and we just used to have to call a phone company to get one. I can’t even find a just plain phone company here in Vegas – and everyone wants to “bundle” everything…bundle??? And big decisions about the TV company. channels we want (soccer and racing) and from what I’ve read a lot of the different companies don’t carry all of them – well that wouldn’t work! And should we keep the MiFi Verizon – we need it when we travel – or should we get cable or DSL. Used to be so much easier – and was really easy in Brown County where we didn’t have a choice. Guess I should be careful what I wish for. No choice or too many choices. 


  1. Did they spray paint the kitchen cabinets? From what I can see it looks like they did. They look so much better.
    See there are advantages to living in the "sticks" Not many decisions!

  2. Congrats on the new pad, Guys!! Happy for you! You'll be relaxing and enjoying it in no time at all!!