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Saturday, July 25, 2015

There are so many stores here!

Yesterday was kind of a quiet day. We didn’t have too much we “had to do”  Went out to breakfast, then to a Lowe’s Home Improvement store to check on a few things and to an Office Depot to make a final decision on a couple of desks for our computers. Found some that will work in the room we want to put them in, now just have to choose the color. We only have an 8 ½ foot wall to put the two desks on. Can’t decide between antique black or white. Checked out another furniture store, still looking for something to put the TV on for the living room. It is just so fun to be able to visit so many different stores all within an area close to where we’ll live. Our little town in Indiana only had one grocery store, one pharmacy, two fast food places and a bunch of stores selling stuff for the tourists. I’m like a kid in a candy store. And I don’t even like to shop. The day before we went to Penny’s and picked out faux wood blinds for most of the windows and have them ordered. Good timing for us. They were on sale and there was a 15% off coupon. Also got curtains, drapes and rod for living rooms big window. One by one we’re checking things off the list.
Also stopped by the house. The contractor is moving right along. Can’t wait until the flooring is in, it will make a huge difference. The inside and outside of the cupboards in the kitchen have been painted. From real dark to semi-gloss white. I love white in a kitchen. The cupboard doors will be new. Microwave, dishwasher and oven are only one year old. Might get a bigger refrigerator – not sure yet. Also the slatted patio cover has been removed and a larger solid patio cover will be put up. We have Vegas landscaping – lots of rocks with a few trees. We’ll probably add some planters – then again maybe not.
We hopefully should be able to move in some time in the first or second week of August. Then the fun of getting everything up and running – utilities, TV, phone, Internet etc. In case anyone missed it – we are moving into an over 55 “Manufactured Home” community. We are buying a used home from the park not a private person. It is a gated community with club house, gym, pool etc. Nice wide streets, storage for the RV.
Well my laptop cured itself this time. No more green screen instead of videos. Gremlins at work I guess. And Bill is actually enjoying his computer again. The Geek Squad did a good job on it.

Today – at least this morning – we’ll stay home so I can watch NASCAR – qualifying and a race. Now that Bill is feeling so good it is hard to keep him home for any length of time. He is drooling about the things he wants to make.


  1. So glad Bill is feeling so much better & you both are having such fun getting ready for the new place.


  2. I'm glad he is better too. Will be glad when we are settled again.