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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Are We There Yet? Yes!

I mentioned the heavy rain we had last night in Gallup. It didn't rain very long but it was very serious about it as proved by the puddles. For a minute I thought we were back in Indiana.
 After the rain it really cooled off - much to my delight. And there was a semi pretty sunset. But I will take what ever I can get. Been a while since I've seen a colorful one. 
I mentioned that the humidity was going down as we progressed further West. The refrigerator door is already starting to split. Not really wide yet but...It had completely closed up in Indiana.
 Speaking of Indiana We've heard from several of our friends there and mostly the news wasn't good. Guess I should rephrase that - their news was okay but the area's news was really bad news. One of our friends lives where a small tornado touched down. Missed their home but hit the house across the street. Thousand of people in Brown County were without power and/or water for two or three days. Trees and power lines are down everywhere. Streets have been undermined by rushing water and are impassable. Whole areas not far from the campground we stayed at are under four to five feet of water. The shop where Bill had the oil changed on the Jeep is under water. And it goes on and on. At least part of yesterday and today the sun was out. But it will take a long time to be better. 
But to continue with our journey - excuse the bugs on the windshield - can't do anything about them. The rain washed a lot of them off but not all. This morning when we woke up it was dry and almost COLD. About 61 degrees - didn't last long though. Leaving the campground heading towards the freeway. We left Gallup at 6:45 as we knew it was going to be along day. 
 And on into Arizona - weren't we just here a couple of months ago? Actually about two months and eight days ago. Only going the other direction. Who knew we'd be back this way so soon. 
 We stopped in Winslow [of the Standing on the corner fame] to eat breakfast - we dawdle over meals - took about an hour. By the time we got back in the Alfa it was starting to get warm. Heading down the long long highway towards Flagstaff. Last time we came by here heading east there was a lot of snow on the mountains. 
I am sorry to say but Interstate 40 from about Williams to Kingman is one of the worst stretches of highway we've been on - including the highways in Mexico. At least it is getting some work done on it. But not enough quickly enough. 
 Again strong cross winds crossing the bridge into Nevada. Glad we followed the signs and were in the left land. And we are in another time zone. Right now as I write this it is 7:12 - four days ago it would be 10:12. Bill is already laying down. 
 Las Vegas getting closer.
 Oh! The mountain goats. I actually saw them in time to get a picture of them. Beside the highway just before Boulder. 
Heading down the freeway a look at the strip through the dust stirred up by the wind. We are staying at the 1000 Trails RV Park on Boulder Highway near Desert Inn. For once I actually made reservations and when we got there they couldn't find any reservation for us. In fact they couldn't find our membership in the computer. So said they couldn't let us in unless we paid $37..50 a day. WHAT?!? Finally I had to call TT make a new reservation over the phone and get a confirmation number - then we showed up in the computer again. Not what Bill needed after a long drive.
So anyway...in four days - Sunday afternoon to Thursday afternoon we did 1883 miles. Way too many in way to short of a time. Had hot and humid weather and rain and cool weather. Now today here it was 110 - BUT "feels like" 103 - well goody. AND just got over the cell phone a FLASH FLOOD ALERT for Las Vegas over the weekend. You've got to be kidding. 
We may be making some changes in our plans here - we were interested in a home we'd never seen the inside of until today. Some changes will have to be made by seller for us to get it. But that is another story for another day. Then went out to dinner and now I'm going to bed - early for Pacific Time - regular for Eastern time. 

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