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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My mouth is zippered shut - or rather it should have been

I took this snap from the TV last night. It is of the area we lived in. Severe, severe storms there all day and night. Inches of rain. Lots of areas unpassable because of trees and power lines down and flooding. Including homes and businesses. Good thing we got out of there when we did. We lived just about above the little + in the lower right of the photo. Have not heard anything about our house. So guess that is good news. 
 It remained hot and humid all night in Joplin. Could not sleep so was up way before light. Got out of the campground around 6:45 and went across the street to the Flying J to fill up. $2.49 for diesel there. The joys of driving through farming country - Bill trying to wash the cooked bugs off the windshield. We didn't eat as neither of us were hungry yet. So entered the Interstate around 7:15.
 A few miles later we entered Oklahoma - not good pic but you get the idea. We like the Turnpike from Joplin to Oklahoma City. Nice highway with light traffic. Even going through Tulsa and Oklahoma City isn't bad. It costs $19.50. Our original plans were to stop just west of Oklahoma City, but it was only 11:00 - to early to stop for the day. But we did stop for lunch - took about an hour.
 So now the question was - how far would we go before stopping? The day again was hot and humid. No way to keep the inside of the Alfa really comfortable when it's that hot out. Any way we kept driving and driving. With another stop for diesel in Sayre, OK. at another Flying J - cost here $2.589 a gallon. We have a Pilot RV rewards card and that lowers the cost. We have not been getting good mileage, between using the generator and Bill driving a little faster than he usually does. Only getting a little over 7 mpg. We usually get around 8. While here we went into the restaurant for a snack. I had apple pie and he had ice cream. So we were ready to roll again. On into Texas. How far was he going to go...As far as he could without me going ballistic. He mentioned Tucumcari, NM.
We eventually stopped in Amarillo, TX. After 466 miles and nine hours (with a couple of stops.) MORE THAN ENOUGH. The only sounds coming out of me were growls. We're staying at the Amarillo Ranch RV Park not too far from the Big Texan Steakhouse. We stayed here before, for longer than we'd planned due to heavy winds in the area. No winds today - just 100 degree heat. So we got settled in AC going watching TV when pop, breaker blew. Outside to reset it. This happened four times. We called the office and sent a guy out. Yep breaker is weak. Basically, deal with it. Turned TV off, unplugged phones and computer and so far it is okay - I'm hoping when the sun gets further down the AC won't pull so hard. I want to watch TV soon.
I forgot to mention that my watch is working again. We did go into town and buy me a new really cheap one just so I'd have it. By the time we got home my old favorite one was working fine and has been up to now. And last night I tried to turn on my Nook and the touch screen is damaged so I only get half of a page. Nuts. right in the middle of a good book. Put on list of things to do right away in Vegas.  

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  1. We are at Fort Amarillo RV Park. We like it here. Don't waste your time and money at the Big Texan. Worst steak I ever had. Hoffbrau Steak House is much much better. Safe Travels.