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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One more step closer to having a home.

Woke up angry this morning. You know just when you feel out of sorts. Dreamed about moving last night – it wasn’t a good dream. That might be why. This being in limbo is driving me nuts. There is so much to be done and we can’t do any of it yet. Can’t put in changed of addresses, can’t get TV set to Pacific Time, can’t really buy furniture without measurements, can’t get my car back. So much is just waiting to be taken care of. And that makes me nervous and unsettled feeling. On Friday the manager at the mobile home park said she would call us in a couple of hours – we’re still waiting…But we will see her today at 10:30. I want to be able to take care of some of the important things, like changes of address – it kind of worries me that “Maybe” our forwarded mail will make it to the Post Office here. Maybe???
Just sitting here in the RV is driving us both nuts. All the togetherness is getting on our nerves. So we’re both being extra polite to each other - We go out to look at furniture but aren’t real sure on the room sizes and what kind of flooring we’ll have so we aren’t making and decisions. Luckily the store we bought the dining set from will hold it for a month. I’ve made so many lists of things to be done I’ll soon have to make a list of my lists! Once things start happening I’ll be complaining about having too much to do…
We’re having trouble deciding what to use the two spare bedrooms for. One for sure will have my sewing machine, desk and cutting table in it. We also brought my huge beading table. [Thinking now that wasn’t such a smart idea] But it will have to go somewhere. And we do want a bed for guests – kind of leaning towards a futon – but most of our friends are our age and don’t know how sleeping on a futon would work. I’d like to get something that folds up into a storage or wall cabinet – but they are expensive! We have a room we can use as an office for our computers so will need desks for that too. Again need to measure the space. Decisions, decisions. Will we make it to our 51st anniversary?
It is still raining back in Indiana – usual rain for June and July is about 8 inches, already had over 33 niches with more on the way.  And the county is not sure about getting federal aid because the damage wasn’t wide spread enough. Today, here, it is bright and sunny again, temps to hit 100 but at least it doesn’t feel as humid as it has been for a couple of days. Wow what a mess in California first with the fire that jumped the I-15 and burned all those vehicles and homes and now the I-10 getting washed out. Wonder if Mother Nature is trying to tell CA something.

This new laptop and I are not getting along at all. The keys are shifted a little to the left of my old one and so I keep putting my right hand on the wrong keys. And it is so sensitive – if I just brush it in the wrong place the cursor jumps to wherever. And I’m not used to the new Office program setups. Took me forever to find the thesaurus – it is under a tab named “review”…Also it has started to give me a green screen again when I try to watch a video – so it will be going back to Best Buy as they said they fixed it. Not so. 
The day ended up better than it started...Got a few things accomplished. 


  1. I hear ya about all that togetherness!

  2. Can you forget about that house and go find a new one, or did you put down a deposit on it? Maybe there is something better waiting for you just around the corner. Maybe you can get one from the show "Flipping Las Vegas" and become celebrities.

  3. We are moving along on the new home. Just takes time to get things done.