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Friday, July 10, 2015

one thing after another

Well this is fun. My laptop is at Best Buy getting a problem fixed and I'm trying to do this on the tablet.
Of course it is raining again.
At this rate we will need a tractor to pull us out of the campground.
Discovered this morning that Bills new ATM card was magic. He used it and the money came out of my checking account! So had to go to bank and get that fixed. All OK now.
Then to PO to have our mail forwarded. Now we will just have to find the PO in Vegas where it is going to.
Another bad wreck at last nights truck race. Only the cab of the truck left in one piece. That is three really bad wrecks this year. One in each series.
Was talking to a local yesterday about the rain. He told me "I just saw a catfish with a lifevest swimming down the highway." Yep!
Still looks like weather will be okay for traveling west most of next week. Sure hope so, but got new windshield wipers for Alfa. 12 years of use - not too bad.
Well there goes the TV too many clouds and rain out there.

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