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Sunday, July 12, 2015

One more day

It’s 6:30 in the a.m. Been up since around four when a severe storm moved through here. Both our phones went off with alerts – which we really didn’t need as the heavy rain, lightning and thunder already had us up. I remember when we first moved here from the southwest we would stand outside on our deck marveling about the rain, thunder and lightning. We would stay out there the whole storm, just enjoying it. Now we curse it. Flood warning in effect for this whole area. It is just sprinkling now and I think we’re clear until later in the day. Maybe some more rain overnight but looks like Monday morning will be clear and we’ll be on the road early. In the little over two months that we’ve been home there has only been about eight days when it hasn’t rained. Just a little too much. The poor little town of Nashville is having a horrible summer. Its only industry is tourism and with all the rain no one is coming here. And if they do come, they just stay inside as the rain is continual. 
My watch that I’ve had for over 20 years has finally quit working. We put a new battery in it last week but guess it was more terminal than that. So will have to get a new one in town today. Hopefully when we get to Vegas I can get this one fixed, I really like it. And it was a gift from Bill those many long years ago. Funny but it kind of bothered me that it picked now to quit working. Lots of things in our lives coming to an end right now.
Watched the NASCAR race last evening. YAH – Kyle won again. Seven races since he came back from his injuries and he’s won two of them. It was actually a pretty good race. Lots of passing and lead changes. The changes made to the cars seem to be working good. And what a neat trophy – a full sized colorful juke box.

We’ll go into town this morning for breakfast and to say Goodbye to all our friends in Columbus. Do some last minute grocery shopping so we won’t have to do that while on the road and then come home and get the Alfa ready to go early tomorrow morning. Hopefully before the rain starts in again. 

11:00 we will  be on the road in 15 minutes. Hope to make it to Mulberry Grove, IL  by late afternoon.  Weather clear. 

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