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Friday, July 3, 2015

Oops - the Alfa is acting up.

A pretty summer picture for the header. 
Another gray and humid day here in Indiana. Yesterday we did have a couple hours of sunshine but it didn’t last long. We manage to keep busy even without all the packing and planning etc.
Yesterday Bill took the Jeep in for an oil change and tire rotation. While he was there I continued to clean and straighten up the Alfa. Found another great big bug! Or rather it found me. Just managed to jerk my foot back before it crawled over it. They would have heard me holler clear down at the end of the campground if he’d touched me before I saw him.
Had to run to the grocery store and pick up a few things then had company for a while. Nice to just sit and visit. Then we got call from a friend who wanted to buy one of our small tables and they wondered if we could meet them at the house at 4:00. Sure, no problem. We got to the house a few minutes early and while waiting for them – guess what? We got a call from the people in Vegas that we are buying our new home from. We’d given them our cell phone number but they called on the house phone. Serendipity that we just happened to be there. So that is moving along now too.  They wanted to let us know they were e-mailing us the purchase agreement that needed to be signed and sent back. Good thing we were at the house.
Got the e-mail later in the day and discovered our printed in the Alfa wouldn’t work. Tried everything. Set as default printer, nope – uninstalled and reinstalled, nope. Tried redoing everything. Nope. So gave up fooling with it and decided to get a new printer. Then I remembered – it was a new computer. Yep looked back at records we bought it in April when we were in Vegas. Well Crap. Fed up with it – it would keep until morning.
In the middle of the night alarms started going off in the Alfa. For some reason the house batteries discharged and set off a high pitched beep, beep, beep. Bill got up – had to run engine and generator to finally get the batteries charged. Thank goodness we are in a part of the campground where we are all by ourselves. Finally all was quiet and he got back to bed. So this morning he slept in and while he was doing that I fooled with the printer again. Finally ended up installing it on my laptop. Works great.
Then we went into town for lunch and groceries. And while we were there it started to RAIN. Of course And I’d let a window open in the Alfa. Luckily the wind didn’t blow so nothing got wet.
Got home and watched some NASCAR – just in time to watch my favorite driver GET WRECKED. And this is the track he had the bad wreck at in February where he broke his leg and foot. So he’ll be in a backup car for the race Sunday.

The sun came out towards evening so I took more pictures of the campground. 

Sun shine and blue skies
some kind of going to be berries
more flowers
We haven’t done any else to take pictures of. The hole in the ground that the leveler made is now a little swimming pool – completely full of water. Yes it does rain here. Won’t miss it. Won't miss the bugs either. 

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  1. Glad things are moving along with your new place in Vegas. Hope your house sells soon.
    Great pictures.