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Friday, July 31, 2015

The House is Ours - getting excited.

Yesterday was a really busy day. We have our new home – finished signing all the papers, got the gate opener and codes and the keys to the club houses. We can’t move in yet because the work is still going on – probably won’t be ready until beginning of next week. Hopefully sooner. We also went to look for computer desks – found them at Office Depot and they go on sale for half price! on Sunday. So we’ll buy them then. And we saved? enough money to buy some patio furniture at Pier 1. It also was on sale. Then we got a home phone. Neither of us hear real well over a cell phone. The joys of aging.
Then we stopped at a Hash House A Go Go. Had the most delicious spinach salad I’ve ever had. The biscuit was amazing. It was so good I ate ALL of it.
Bill had a Chicken Caeser Salad, said it was very good. Finally a restaurant here we like. After the disappointments at Mimi’s and Marie Callenders both with their limited menus, high prices, and surly wait staff we were glad to find a great restaurant. I was looking forward to going to both of them when we got here. They are not like they were eight years ago.
Been looking into Internet service here – have several choices. Just have to make up our minds. We probably will keep the Direct TV for TV as that is what we use in the RV when we travel and we sure don’t need two different TV providers. They say they have Internet too. Will have to find out.
Now we have to turn in more Change of Address cards to the PO. And call the movers to see when our furniture can be delivered. And set up delivery for all the stuff we bought.
We decided to put the computers in the smaller of the extra bedrooms so that leaves the little open room off the living room to put stuff in – think I’ll put my beading table and M & Ms in there. Maybe I’ll get a Fathead of the M & Ms car for the wall – just kidding – maybe. The bigger bedroom I’ll put my sewing stuff in and a guest bed of some kind. The only things we need to get now are a couple of TV stands and a guest bed/futon of some kind. Now I’m getting excited…
Weird weather here yesterday. More humid than usual for here and by evening the wind really picked up. Sky got dark and ugly. Temps didn’t drop and it didn’t rain where we are but looked like it might have been south of us. Never cooled down here inside the Alfa so it wasn’t a comfortable night.

Another metal sculpture at an interchange. Big bird and trees are metal. 
Lots of NASCAR on TV today. 


  1. Sounds like your home remodel is coming along very nicely. I appreciate all the info you have on Vegas. I am thinking of moving there next year to a senior mobile park, or renting somewhere. I also appreciate your restaurant reviews.

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  3. Congratulations. I hope it all get done in time so you can move in and relax.