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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Pageant in San Blas Plaza

Finally a cooler day yesterday. By 3:00 p.m. it was actually really nice outside. Cooler and a nice breeze. Sat outside and read on my Nook for a while.
I mentioned that I finished my necklace so yesterday morning I made a bracelet to match. Will just have to add the clasp when I get home. If it didn’t use so much thread I’d make another one in different colors.
Around 4:30 we - me, Bill, John and Carol - drove into San Blas to go out to dinner. As we were driving down the street we saw some children in costumes and remembered that there was going to be a Christmas play in the plaza at 5:00. So basically that is all this post is going to be about. It was so darn cute.
Here is the dangerous Mexico the news talks about. What? You don’t see anything dangerous? Neither do we. The families waiting to watch the pageant.
This is a couple who is always right next to the Kiosko selling balloons and snacks. We’ve seen them every time we’ve been to the plaza.
Following are some pictures of the children and some very short videos of their performances. All dressed up for one of the numbers.
He is patiently waiting to perform Frosty the Snowman.
Another performer posing for his picture.
A group of children getting ready to dance to Frosty the Snowman.
And there they are.
Short clip of the dance. The director is doing most of the dancing.
A little girl getting her eye liner on.
Another song and dance group. The boy was a real “handsome dude.”  He was flirting with Carol when she was taking his picture.
And then this group of musicians
The boys dressed as solders waiting to come out. By now it was getting kind of dark so picture taking was getting iffy.
Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. We left before all the performances were done. Bill’s ankle was getting tired and we were all hungry. We went to a neat restaurant Chef Tony I think. Interesting d├ęcor. All sea shells.

Good dinner then on home.
A little cooler here this morning – hopefully winter is on its way. Over here in the restaurant trying to upload the videos. Taking a long time. And really slows down the Internet. It was really peaceful and quiet here when I sat down. Now the noise level has risen considerably with the addition of several children, their mothers, the cooks, the TV and music from some kind of electrical device.
I took a couple more videos that I'll try to upload later when I have a book or something to read while they are slooooowly uploading.

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