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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Friday NIght in the Plazuela Machado

Shame on me I got lazy and didn’t finish my last post about Friday. So will do it now – We went to the Art Walk in the Centro Historico on Friday evening. Then of course had to stop at the Plazuela Machado for dinner and people watching. And we picked a perfect night for it.
It is so humid here this morning everything feels wet including the laptop. And yesterday we got a sprinkling of teeny tiny very fast little black ants in here. At first I thought I had spots before my eyes. Talk about hard to catch and smush. Little things are quick. So sprinkled more Ajax outside around us and it seems to be working. Any way haven’t seen any more this morning. They are only about this big - .
Back to Friday – earlier in the day. The neat purse Bill bought me. Colorful isn’t it.
And a closer look at it. Don’t know how sturdy it will be but I love the colors and dolls.
We got a late start going to the Art Walk – it started at four but we didn’t get over there until about six. And this is our third or fourth time to go so we were just aimlessly strolling around enjoying the area at night. We always park in the same parking garage almost at the corner of the Plazuela. From the outside it looks like a restored building
Inside is just parking – It’s been in the owner’s family quite a while and they planned to build something in the interior but they waited too long and the city passed a law that now nothing can be built there even if they keep the exterior the same. Also told us that at one time the building housed the largest printing company in Mazatlan. Over 100 years ago. So that’s the story on the estacionamiento.
One of the homes along our stroll had blow up Christmas decorations on their balcony.
In one of the galleries there was a whole room dedicated to Day of the Dead figures. I love this one. She was about four feet tall. And looks like she deals with the sins of life. Notice the pool table and bar on her skirt.
We headed back to the plaza to walk around for a bit before dinner and spotted this lady. She was with her daughter and granddaughter who were almost as elegantly dressed. They were visiting from Oaxaca and their clothes had all been hand embroidered there. This women looked like a poster for Tourism. Bill stopped to talk to her and she graciously agreed to let me take a photo of her. Her hair was pulled back and the large flowers were holding it at the back of her neck. The dress was almost street length with beautiful embroidery all over it. Her hand made silk shawl came from Oaxaca too. Very very elegant.
Around the corner towards the Angela  Peralta Theatre we discovered this bride and groom posing for wedding pictures.
The pictures are a little dark because I don't like to use the flash at night.
Back towards the restaurant we ran into the owner of the restaurant heading back towards it. He had gone out to purchase a package of toilet paper. …… It’s not the first time we’ve seen him make emergency supply runs. One time we ordered hamburgers for lunch and he had to jump on his scooter and run to the market to get tomatoes. I love the life here.
Once you sit down at a table it is yours for as long as you want to stay there. The waiter will NOT bring you your check until you ask for it. And then it still takes a while to get it. No rushing to clear the table for some one else.
Much to our surprise and delight there was entertainment in the Kiosko (I’ve been mistakenly calling them gazebos) that night. Music.
Their first piece was Rollin Down the River. They mixed American and Mexican music. And the people walking by were stopping to listen and to dance. One lady in particular had music in her blood and could she ever move. At one time you can see her throw her purse and package to her friend so they wouldn’t get in the way of her dancing. I hope I got the movie light enough to enjoy it. Turn your sound up. The Internet is giving me problems today so I'm going to post this and then try to upload the video by itself. Hopefully that will work.

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