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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

 When we got to Aticama I was glad to have TV again. Now I’m not so sure – is there never Good News? And how many House Hunter shows can you watch?
Any way…..still warm here –
The Christmas pageant videos actually got uploaded using the TelCel stick – couldn’t get them published using the regular WiFi so decided to try TelCel and just let them take as long as they wanted to publish. That worked! Maybe later I’ll try the Procession for Guadalupe again.
Yesterday was “Tropical Tuesday”. It is a regular gathering of the gringos in the area for lunch at one of the areas restaurants. Each week they go to a different restaurant. Yesterday it was the restaurant here at El Chaco. Met people we’d not met before and enjoyed the company and conversation. 
Speaking of conversations – Isn’t the flow of a conversation interesting? We can start out talking about classical music and end up talking about the local fishermen. How did we from one subject to the other? Interesting following the thread back to see how we got there.

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