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Friday, December 14, 2012

Low key day

Hum….it’s 11:30 at night and quiet around the campground. Just the sound of the waves on the beach.
The TelCel decided to start working so thought I’d take advantage of it and post now so I don’t have to go over to the restaurant in the morning.
Not much to write about today. There is one more RV here in the park, but only temporary – they are heading further south.
Spent the day doing not much of anything. Bill’s ankle is not as swollen as it was yesterday but by evening it was hurting pretty good – bad. But then he didn’t stay off it during the day. He cooked all his breaded chicken filets. And has been in and out all day walking all over. Why don’t we realize it is okay to take care of ourselves if we hurt? Maybe if I’d stayed off of my foot when I broke it several years ago it wouldn’t still hurt now. Can’t remember if I mentioned what happened. Here in Mexico the sidewalks are very uneven – Bill is always reminding me to watch where I’m going. So I do. But he didn’t. There was a short step in the sidewalk between businesses and he stepped off into air. Luckily he didn’t fall but he landed with his foot at a right angle to his leg. OUCH! Said he was fine and we kept walking around town. When we got home his ankle was the size of a grapefruit. At least today it’s only the size of a tangerine and there is no bruising. I said we should get him a walking stick and got a dirty look for my suggestion.
About all I did today was work on my necklace, read and cook dinner. Lazy day.
At least it was a little cooler today – lots of clouds and a breeze – hopefully it will last for a while.

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