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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is actually COOL out today

Much to my surprise I managed to post yesterday. I didn’t think anything made it. Never got the “posted” message. I must have tried 20 or 30 times. Could not get the TelCel Internet to stay on at all yesterday. The restaurant was full of customers all day and according to John the WiFi there was soooo sloooow.
And Bill is almost completely well and the weather is very cool this morning. I see people outside wearing long sleeves! – Not that cool for me.  
Finished another necklace – I should have taken them out on the beach yesterday and tried to sell them! –
As I said a busy day at the campground, restaurant and beach yesterday. A couple of horses came by. Got a picture of one. He was one BIG horse and beautiful.
Of course there were the inevitable stuck in the sand vehicles. And this one belongs to the family that owns the campground! You’d think they know better. The blue truck is John’s – he is pulling them out.
Lots of traffic on the beach – especially the ATVs with lots of people on each one. Saw a couple with five people riding. As many children as there was room for.
The three wheeled canopied vehicles are vendors – ice cream, snacks, etc. The one car had stopped to buy something – or just visit – and there suddenly there was a traffic jam with blowing horns and hollering. Just like a real highway.
A look up the beach. Kept me amused most of the day just watching all the activity.
Lots and lots of people in the water and playing in the sand. Or sitting their chairs in the sand.

If you want music there were strolling musicians. Just call to them and they would come over and play you a quick song.
Around sunset everyone started to pack up and go home.
These are the people and pictures the US media need to post and talk about.
A small excursion planned for today - have to take the laundry in or else get another basket for it. About it for now -

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  1. It's so refreshing to read the blogs of expats in Mexico! It gives me a good feeling of our own future there. Thanks for sharing...