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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quiet Day in Aticama

Another quiet day at the beach. Visited with George for a while in the morning. I went over to the restaurant to go on line. Took me a while to up load the two videos. Tried again to upload the one of the procession for the Virgin Guadalupe but it was taking forever to load so finally gave up. Maybe I’ll split it into two videos and do it that way.
It was maybe a couple of degrees cooler yesterday – hope that trend continues.
Talked to a couple from No Carolina who came here to renew their wedding vows on the beach. Neat idea. Checked out their photos that they had taken. One was kind of puzzling – it was of them on the beach kissing with just a white background. The lady was a little upset as the photo was taken at sunset. For some reason the photographer removed the sunset when printing the picture….How strange.
Went into San Blas for a bit in the late afternoon to walk around. Carol needs a new pair of shoes but didn’t find anything in San Blas. Golly guess that means another trip to Tepic in the future.
We did see a wedding party leaving the church. Didn’t take any pictures as too many guests were giving us the “who the heck are you looks.” Lots of good looking guys all dressed up and beautiful girls in long gowns and very high heels. The train on the bridal gown had to be at least ten feet long. Makes me want to have a wedding with a wedding dress – never had one. But first I’d have to lose a bunch of weight. ….Maybe for our 50th anniversary it’s only two years off.
Bill’s ankle is progressing well. By last night (he stayed off of it most of the day) there was very little swelling. But it still hurts to walk on it. He says that when he was young and playing soccer he could play the day after he got hurt. Well yes, but that was umpteen years ago. Our bodies aren’t quite so cooperative now.
Speaking of soccer we are hoping that the TV in the restaurant will carry today’s Barcelona game. If not he’ll have to watch it on his laptop which doesn’t show the actual game just the commentary.
Watched the movie “Eat, Pray and Love” with Julie Roberts last night. Kind of good. She is starting to show her age. I was going to read the book last year but the reviews didn’t sound any thing like the movie. Kind of like choosing Tom Cruise to play Jack Reacher – author Lee Child’s main character in his books - who is a very big and menacing man in the movie. Talk about miscasting to the max!  
Hummmm…..only five more days to 12/21/12…..are we ready?  Guess it won’t really matter if we are ready or not will it?


  1. We are ready for 12.21.12!
    Got the wine chillin'...


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