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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life in San Blas

As you can tell I couldn’t get the video to up load not at the restaurant or on the TelCel. Might try again later today when no one else is using the WiFi in the restaurant. If not….guess you’ll just have to imagine it. Sorry......
Going to be another warm day here in Mexico but not quite so humid today. Isn’t it winter here too? Thank goodness it does cool down real nice at night.
We went into San Blas around noon yesterday to have Gringo hamburgers at Traditiones – made special for us. And they were very good – just missing pickles. We told Javier we'd bring him some next time we go shopping in Tepic at WalMart.
San Blas is a busy little town as you can see by the traffic jam at the intersection. Bicycles, three wheeled carts, pedestrians, vehicles, vendors – all wanting to be in the same place at the same time. 
 Passed him by the beach road. Check out his arm. He is holding the ladder and piece of wood in the truck.
Dad, Mom and child – common means of transportation. Sometimes with more than one child.
The restaurant was busy when we first got there so we decided to do our shopping first. This is a little tiny market on the corner next to the Central Market. It has a little of everything. Crackers and cereal on top shelf. Next shelf down: Raid, some kind of food, bug spray then juice. Next shelf: jello, pudding, batteries, ???, mustard and mayonnaise. Bottom shelf: rice, sugar, Ajax, baking powder and peanutbutter. Like I said a little of everything. It just takes a while to find it. They even have Capers. But didn’t have Basil.
Outside set up on tables along the street are the fish vendors. Fresh fish anyone?
Or maybe lobster?
Inside the central market the produce grocers. Potatoes, radishes, star fruit, apples, ginger root and chilies. Just one of the bins.
Back outside. What about that ladder up along side the tower of the old church? Wonder when was the last time someone climbed it.

After eating our yummy hamburgers we headed back to the plaza to walk off our meal. I had never noticed the lights around the Kiosko in the plaza. They are shaped like sail fish.
George got an ice cream cone and he and I sat in the shade while Bill played with the fusball machines. I think he lost a game. But he had fun.
Watched this man weaving a basket. He has some pretty nice looking ones – but decided I really didn’t need one. Good thing we don’t have room for everything we see that is neat.
Then back to the pollo place where he bought a whole bunch of breaded chicken filets – uncooked – guess what he will be doing tomorrow.
Bill wasn't watching where he was going yesterday while we were wandering around town and he stepped off a short step and twisted his ankle. By last night he had a grapefruit sized swelling - but no brusing. This morning the swelling is just tangerine sized and he is walking pretty good. Gots to be careful walking.
Then home. There was a wedding reception going on in the grassy area by the restaurant. With lots of MUSIC. But stopped at 9:00.
I worked on more beading last night. A real easy pattern so I got a lot done. I'm going to have to start giving some of it away.
No plans for today except for Bill cooking his chicken.  


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