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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve -

New Years Eve day. It sprinkled here last night and might rain a little for the next day or two. I’ll believe it when I see it. Sure didn’t cool it down any. More and more like a sauna out there. And the bugs love the humidity. Until last night I’d managed to stay unbitten. Now I have polka dots on my legs. Guess I’m lucky that all the anti-histamines I take to keep my hives under control keep the bites from itching.
We got two more RVs in last night. One on each side of us…..One is one of those strange German RVs that look like tanks. The other a B Class. I think both are just overnighters.
Today is going to be a busy day here at El Chaco. The couple that owns it is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and it is going to be a BIG deal. Right now John is helping move tables and chairs etc. from the restaurant to the little church in La Palma for the ceremony. Then he’ll help bring everything back to the campground for the dinner and party. We are invited but neither of us have any dress clothes with us. We’ll see….
The invitations to the event are really original and pretty. They are a small box with a gold bow on top. Take off the top and the box opens up with all the information inside. Very very nice.

I imagine the party will continue way into the night tonight.
Bill is cooking another one of his wonderful breakfast concoctions. Getting real spoiled.
Going over to the restaurant now to post this before it gets to crazy with party preparations over there.
Happy New Year to everyone – have a fun and safe evening.

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