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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cows on the Beach

Sun rise – looking towards the east as the sun slowly comes over the mountains.
Yesterday about all we did was go into the little town of Aticama to buy some produce. Passed up this supermercado and went to a smaller store outside of a house where the produce is fresher.
Cows on the beach this morning. Funny how little things can get you excited and running out with the camera. Does that mean we are leading a very peaceful life or a very boring life?
It might have got exciting because big black cow/bull decided he didn’t like us weird gringos taking pictures and started towards us. Lifting his head and letting out long menacing sounding MOOS….
the black on in hte middle is headed right to us
A young boy on foot bringing up the rear chased him back to the herd.  
A truck full of watermelons just went up the beach – the beach is used as a main road between Aticama and points north. We drove all the way up the beach to San Blas the other day. It is a much shorter distance than taking the road.
Just watched a commercial for the “Flex Hose” that sounds like a good deal especially for RVs. Those info commercials are so funny. “But Wait!” there’s always more you can get if you “order right now.”
9:15 and the AC has already kicked in. Very muggy too. And guess our area at home will be getting snow today. Sounds good to me

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