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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm "an Elderly" how did that happen?

Sorry the blog is so late – seeings how it’s late I am just going to do a little short one. Just finised fixing and eating dinner. Steak and baked potato. Good ole US meal. The rest of yesterday I’ll do tomorrow morning ‘cause today we did absolutely nothing. I have been reading the book The Help. Amazing book. If you haven't read it do so. Part of the day we watched the commentary of two soccer games. Barcelona won, Real de Madrid lost!  Messi scored a goal – 91 for the calendar year – Ronaldo didn’t.
I was reading something on line yesterday and came to the unpleasant realization I am now considered one of “the elderly.” As in "When dealing with the elderly......." Crap when did that happen? Talk about making one feel old.
Yesterday around sunset we were invited to visit with George’s friends Weng and Francisco for Francisco’s 60th birthday celebration. So we went up to their house on the hill. (Pictures tomorrow) But they weren’t there – they were still at the other RV park down the road. It was kind of a comedy of errors.
Yesterday morning we took a ride into town – took the beach route. One of the fishing boats that go out during the night and sit on the beach all day. Ms Tioga and Jennie are in the background.
A new ramada being built – or an older one being repaired.
The beach is an alternate road. Cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles going up and down it all day and some parts of the night.
Are these baby pelicans – or some other kind of bird?
Different looking sea gulls. When they run they point their beaks straight out in front of them and the body follows. Why do birds run when they can fly?
Fish or lobsters any one? Have never had the nerve to try one.
After we parked we saw this neat stroller. Pretty fancy.
There is a lot of construction going on in San Blas – I’ll write about it tomorrow.
So that is it for tonight.

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