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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Giga Bites and Bees

Yesterday I thought we had to add more time – Giga Bites - to our Banda Ancha (TelCel stick). But according to the representative we (Bill) talked to we still have over 4GBs left. I know, but it is supposed to expire TODAY. According to what we’ve been told in the past. When the 30 days are up all remaining GBs are gone – they can’t be rolled over to the next month. By tomorrow we’ll know I guess. And the fact that we got the stick in Hermosillo in the state of Sonora and are now in Mazatlan in Sinaloa always causes problems. They are not used to a mobile society I guess.
Teresa also went with us because she could not get her Banda Ancha to work on her Apple laptop. It took four different people and almost two hours to get hers working. As near as I can figure it was because it was never activated when she bought it.Teresa did use her BandaAncha last night to update her blog A Life Made Simple. What a complicated system they have here. Each office has a different understanding of how the system works.
Derek didn’t go with us – he stayed at the RV park with Cassia. So Teresa had a “Mommies day off.” Kind of. After leaving TelCel we headed to Centro because Bill wanted to get the battery replaced in his watch. Parked in favorite lot and made arrangements to have Willie cleaned inside and out while we were gone. They do such a good job.
Walked over to the watchmakers – he was closed for lunch….So then walked on up to the Central Market. Bill wanted some polo shirts with a breast pocket. He likes to put his clip-on sunglasses in his pocket when he takes them off. And the polo shirts he brought from home were the only ones he has that didn’t have pockets!!!! And the shop where he bought them last year no longer carries them. Couldn’t find any at any of the shops. So he had to “settle” for a couple of Guayaberas – the cotton button up the front with pocket embroidered shirts. He also has some of them at home.
Walking past some of the street vendors we stopped to buy some tangerines. While Bill was picking them out Teresa and I checked out the candy for sale. OMG – I’ve never seen so many bees around the candy. Almost like they were trying to build hives. Gum drops any one?
Back to the watch maker – he was having a long lunch I guess as he was still closed. So on to the parking lot. Willie was still being worked on so we had to use up more time. Right? Walked over to the Plazuela Machado and had lunch sitting outside watching the world go by. We all had Italian Chicken Salad.
Picked up Willie and on the way home stopped at the big Mega for a few things. I forgot that we finally have space in our freezer and didn’t get any Haagan Dazs – I need some ice cream.
And that was about it for yesterday. Except for the TelCel and the bees no real adventure for us.
Have almost finished my necklace about an inch left to bead then put on the clasp. Nothing for sure planned for today. It is just "Too Darn Hot."

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