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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The tequilla and oyster part of yesterday morning's outing

The La Noria part of this updat is in the post below. This is going to be a three parter we were so busy yesterday.
After leaving La Noria we took Derek and Teresa to visit the Los Osuna Tequilla Distillery. Bill said Willie wasn’t going to like us cause we had to go quite a ways on a dusty dirt road to get there and Willie had just been washed a day or so ago. Oh well, he’ll clean up.
That is blue agave, the plant tequila is made from, growing beside the road. The plant has to be seven years old before it can be harvested.  Only the bulb or pina is used not the spiky leaves. Tequilla must be 100% blue agave.
As you pull into the distillery area there are a couple of huge trees growing there. Up in a fork in one of them this cactus was growing. They are hardy little things – grow any where.
One of the pretty buildings – this one has a lab, an aging room, a bottling room and a room where the labels are put on the bottles and they are capped and readied for shipping or selling. There are flowers everywhere.
The tequila going into the bottles.
Some more of the flowers with yellow butterflies. I’ve never seen as many butterflies as we are seeing this year. All kinds and colors.
No processing was going on this time. And no piƱas waiting to be processed. So we just walked around admiring the plants and trees. Derek did sample a small amount of tequila and bought a bottle as a gift. Back in the car heading out towards the main road we came across this cluster of butterflies on the road. I wonder why they were all just sitting in this one place right in the road?
As we got back into Mazatlan Bill turned towards Cerritos – we wanted to see if any of the small fishing boats were coming in. But it was too late in the day already. We did come across this oyster fisherman? He’d just come in from the ocean with his catch. He uses an inner tube with a net suspended from it. Puts the oysters in the net as he picks them up. Had quite a catch.
Did some looking at all the stuff for sale in the little shops. Derek got a shirt and I got a Mazatlan t-shirt with a Pulmonia on it and a really cute purse – I’d looked at it last year but didn’t get it and regretted it. So now I have it. And this year it was about half the price of last year. Will take a picture of it later - forgot to do it.
Then back to the RV park for a rest before going out for the evening. There are now 19 RVs here in Las Jaibas – The park has spaces for well over 100. …
Another update will be coming - Bill and I went to the Art Walk in the Centro Historico and had dinner in the plaza. Lots of interestings going on.  Music, dancing, bride and art. Beautiful weather who could ask for more?
First part of day is just below this.

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