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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yesterday and the day before

John we miss you and always will. You're always with us.

A couple of days posts today. No Internet from the TelCel yesterday or so far this morning so up at the restaurant using their wifi which is coming and going.
Up early yesterday morning, watched the sun come up over the mountain and the fishermen bringing their small boat in. Had some banana bread for breakfast and went up the mountain into Tepic. Needed a few things that we couldn’t find here in San Blas. George and Carol went with us.
Uneventful trip up and back. Spent $1588 Pesos – even in US dollars that is quite a bit. Mainly stocking up on staples and really not needed goodies that are imported.
Had lunch at Burger King – Whoppers all around. Then trying to figure out where to put stuff once we got home.
Lots of people on the beach and at the restaurants around here. Probably be that way until after New Years.
The little town of San Blas is really busy this week too. This is the main corner of town. Believe it or not this is a through street. The produce vendors on the left and the fish mongers on the right. Everything you need for a complete dinner.
More pictures of the same corner.

And here comes desert.
But if you want meat there is a meat market inside the central market. Hungry?
In the plaza were lots and lots of vendors. The Cora Indians are the most colorful. Their work is beautiful as well as their clothing.
One of their sons.
Bill fixed a delicious breakfast this morning. He is sure handy to have around.
Yesterday morning and today there is a soccer team practicing out on the beach. Oh to be that young and energetic. Practicing in the newly plowed sand is really going to be a work out.
The owner of El Chaco has already been out on the beach with his tractor and plow plowing up the sand in front of their ramadas. Dual purpose I guess – buries the trash and keeps traffic off it.
Late yesterday afternoon the "boys" were out playing around. The bottles were already there.
And sunset last night

Today the beach is already filling up - going to be a busy weekend till after New Years Day

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