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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Willie is fine.

Have to get this done quickly as we are taking a day trip today to El Quelite with Derek, Teresa and Cassia. The sun has popped up over the palm trees already and it is on its way to another quite warm day. No clouds in the sky.
Yesterday was Willie’s doctor’s appointment day and I’m glad to say all went well. In fact very well. We dropped him off at the Jeep Dealers and they told us to come back in an hour for the diagnosis. So we went over to the Mega market and spent about 45 minutes walking around looking at everything in the store. They have a lot of stuff. From car batteries to fancy cakes. The market itself is on the second floor of the building. Downstairs is parking and a few small shops. You go up and come down a flat escalator. No steps. The shopping cart locks on to the metal so you don’t even have to hang on to it.

Then back to the Jeep place where we waited in the waiting room for the news. Really nice waiting room.
Hooray! Nothing major was wrong with Willie just an unhappy sensor – which is a notorious Jeep problem. So the mechanics reset ALL the sensors in Willie and he is good to go. The work was done at the big price of ZERO that’s right NO charge. Wow.
Headed back to the RV park for a while. Went past this guy (he’s asleep on the chair) selling mops, dusters and brooms. Well he was supposed to be selling….
Then the trucks I would love to ride on just once…the divider water trucks. Can’t tell if this guy has a brace up there or not. A lot of them don’t. What happens if the driver has to slam on the brakes? OOPS.
Stayed inside during the heat of the day. My necklace only has a couple more inches to go and it will be done. Sure is using a lot of beads.
Later we went back to the beautiful Mall to get more signs. ? . I’ll take a picture of them when they are up. Two are for Jennie one for Willie. Willie now looks like the front of a Mexican bus. Sorry Bill.
The Christmas decorations are done and pretty neat.
Santa was there and he has a bell that he rings to get attention. It surely works.
While Bill was getting the signs I walked around a little. Only a very few empty stores and lots of people shopping. Big and busy food court. A big difference from our mall in Columbus, IN.
We both were hungry when we left so we ended up at Fat Fish again for more ribs. When we leave here we will be ribbed out for a while. Bill ate all of his I brought half of mine home for snacking.
Watched the evening news from Mazatlan last night. Mostly about the new government taking office and some disturbances in Mexico City from the opposition party. Why do they always call the demonstrators “students”? Instead of what they are “hooligans.” They spray painted a whole bunch of art work in a newly built plaza in downtown Mexico City. What good does that do their cause? Off the soapbox.
I wonder if we’ll see or feel the iguanas in El Quelite – we’re going to eat breakfast in our favorite restaurant ….  But not sitting under the trees.

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