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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toilet Paper by the Roll

It was a lovely cool day yesterday. Even almost cold last night. Bill is just about 100% now. We took the laundry in to Casa Manana – a hotel that also does laundry. Then picked it up later in the afternoon - 100 Pesos not quite US$8. When I do laundry at home I always put it through a second rinse just to make sure all the soap is out. Here of course there is no second rinse and the laundry soap has a very strong smell. Not unpleasant – just strong. I keep sniffing and wondering who is doing laundry. Dah it’s my own clothes.
On the way to the leave off the laundry we took the short cut to Aticama, between the hills and the ocean. A narrow road made narrower by people parking and visiting along it. He's got his machete, his beer and someone to talk to. All thats needed to make a good day.
Also passed the guys out in the bay diving for oysters. They have a net in the middle of the inner tubes and when it is full they bring it in.
On the way back we made a quick stop at a little minisuper. Needed toilet paper among other things. Asked the clerk where it was and she asked how many rolls we wanted…? Seems they usually sell it by the roll not the package. So got four rolls that were still in a package. They also sell cigarettes by the cigarette not the package.  Every day we learn something new.
Then we stopped at a little corner store/house that sells produce. Bought six plum tomatoes and four tangerines – very fresh and goodt – for 10 Pesos – Less than US$1.00.
Again there were a lot of people on the beach as school is out and a lot of the government businesses are closed until after New Years.
We stopped a vendor and got a couple of fesca and creams – frozen strawberries with heavy whipped cream. Yummie.  
Bill got on line when we were both up in the middle of the night. Why were we up in the middle of the night? Woke up to a strange sound. Tick, tick, tick, beep, beep, tick, beep???? What the??? Took quite a bit of searching before Bill found the source. Way back in the upper storage cabinet behind the TV was an old smoke alarm with a battery that was running down. By then we were wide awake so I read and he went on line. Looked at our home town newspaper and all the pictures of all the deep snow. Lots and lots of snow and it was still snowing. And we missed it!
Can't get the pictures to upload so not even going to try any more - just going to try to post this.

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