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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday afternoon with Pizza and Soccer

It’s so nice and cool in Jennie this morning – but then its only 7 a.m. Wish it would cool down a little during the days. Still in high 80s and now it is muggy too. Indiana summer weather. ICK!
Spent yesterday morning backing up my laptop to the external hard drive. Try to do it at the end of every month. Just in case. The way this laptop is acting up I’m being careful.
Our 5th wheel neighbors pulled out bright and early yesterday morning so we were along back here until late afternoon when another over nighter came in – he parked way down at the end. He’s already gone this morning.
We had a real old fart’s brain fart the other day. Happens every once in a while – no one escapes them. Stopped at the gas station to put gas in the Jeep. Bill paid the bill with his credit card (yes it is working for now) and because he was sitting down and seat belted in he couldn’t get his wallet back in his back pocket so he set it down on the consol between us. …… We stopped and went to the mall and he bought his sign but paid cash for it. Then we went to the plaza for dinner. After dinner he reached for his wallet…..OH NO – no wallet. Both of our faces dropped. The waiter our friend was almost ready to call the cops when we realized where the wallet was. But we still made a quicker than usual walk back to the car. And there the wallet sat just waiting to be put away. Brain Fart!
We drove around to the area behind us to check out the building of a new mall. Boy it is going to be something. Huge – one of the biggest in Mexico we heard. This building is almost done.
Then on to Sorianas Super Mercado for some groceries. Then back home. There were two good soccer games on yesterday Barcelona and later Real Madrid. So we went to the Marina to La Mona a pizzeria cantina but they didn’t open until 1:00 and only the Madrid game was going to be available on their cable TV.
So back home where Bill watched Barcelona win on his laptop. Messi had two goals – he is only 1 goal from tying the all time record for goals in one calendar year and he has till the end of 2012.

Back down to La Mona to watch the Madrid game. Had pizza and beverages and air conditioning. Nice afternoon. Madrid won. La Mona is a pretty upscale sports bar.
The enclosed temperature controlled wall of wine.
After the game coming back into the RV park I snapped a quick shot of the new swimming pool.
Las Jaibas RV is moving up in the world. Actually there are more RVs here than at any other park this year. The price for full hook ups is about US$15.50 a day. Has good 30amp electric service and city purified water. WiFi is available but is iffy here in the back. Good place to stay.
And that was about it for yesterday. Did work some more on my necklace – it’s about half done now.
For some neat pictures of our trip to El Fuerte on the detour check out Teresa’s blog – The link is to the right A Life made Simple.


  1. Was the waiter about to call the police because you couldn't pay the bill or because you thought the wallet had been stolen? Embarrassing either way. Glad it all turned out okay.

  2. Like you blog mucho! You have gained a fan.
    Cheers Peter.