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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Night out on the Town

There are three posts on this page all about yesterday: the birds video, visit to El Quelite and evening in Mazatlan – two videos – the first video is four minutes long. Be sure to turn your sound on for all of them.
After watching the birds and the sunset and it cooled down last night we took Derek, Teresa and Cassia for a ride to see the city’s neat display of lights.
This is not a real good picture but it is a hotel that changes its lights for the season. Now it has green lights up to form a Christmas with a gold light as a star at the top.
We drove all along the harbor oohing and awhing at the pretty scene. Then we went into the Centro Historico and parked in our favorite lot and walked around a bit. Kind of quiet there last night as it was only 7:00 and a Tuesday evening. But we all enjoyed the atmosphere. Because it was so nice out we decided to walk up the main plaza and the church. Much to our surprise there was an Evento going on. Lots and lots of people sitting under tents at tables. Food and juice being served.
As we watched we could hear an announcer calling numbers. The winning number received a gift.
We could see a band’s instruments all set up. Bill asked a man going by what was going on. It turns out it was Grandfather’s Day. The government puts on an appreciation for Grandfathers’. So we watched for a while. Lots of gifts given out – to everyone who held a ticket – men, women and/or children.
Finally the gifts were all given out and the musicians stood up and started to play. THIS is why I get so upset when people who have never crossed the border say Mexico is so dangerous.  Only if life, laughter, dancing and song could kill you!!! The video is about four minutes long. At about 1 minute 20 seconds an older women comes into view. She has silver hair, a gray blouse, black pants and a black purse over her shoulder. She was amazing – but look quick. At appx 2 minutes 06 seconds she is back in the picture – when ever I pan to the right you can see her. By almost the end of the video I was just filming her – she had walked behind the musicians and its darker but she was great. Then her bus came, she got on and was gone. Sorry the pictures and video are so dark but it was night time. Be patient they take a while to load.
And soon we were going too. Back in the car on the way home with a quick stop at the grocery store. Another neat moment. These kids were singing Christmas Carols outside of the store. They were sponsored by The Salvation Army and collecting for them. Beats Santa ringing a bell. The second song is White Christmas.

You never know what you will find when you go out and about in Mazatlan.


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  1. I'm with you and really like the Christmas caroling by the youngsters for the SA instead of the janglers, who do nothing but beg outside the stores in the US. Your observance was noteworthy to say the least.