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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Face Lift for San Blas

Continuing with Friday’s day in San Blas. A year or so ago the two main streets in San Blas running east and west were completely repaved. This year the government has a project to put all the electrical, phone etc wires underground. They are also installing new electric meter boxes on all the buildings. So this entails tearing up the sidewalks and the side of the newly paved streets. It is quite a project. Both sides of the street are involved.
See the new electrical boxes on the buildings.
It is making shopping a little difficult if you aren’t really steady on your feet.
As a side benefit of this project most of the buildings are getting a new coating of plaster on their fronts. The government will also repaint all the fronts – in a base white.
It will be up to the owners to repaint in their own favorite colors.
What a difference this will make to the town.
Where the ditch crosses a street the new pavers were taken up and wait to be replaced. The man is sifting sand to make more cement/plaster.
Right now the street is only open to traffic on Sunday and nights. Kind of interesting driving as it’s two way traffic.
The construction is about eight blocks long – both before and past the main plaza. Once it is all done the plan is to make the two main streets pedestrian only. There will be public parking lots set up. It will really make a difference to the town. Can’t wait to see it.
Walking up one of the side streets we passed a lady selling shrimp.
And then the casket store. For some reason they fascinate me.
Also saw the home where the Virgin was staying that day. For 40 days she travels around to different homes.
Back on the beach to come home. We now know what kind of birds I posted pictures of yesterday. Check out the shout box at the bottom of the blog for their names. Thanks.
Love this picture – think maybe I’ll use it on the blog heading or for a Christmas Card this year.
After we got home George (Ms Tioga and George) told us we were invited to Weng’s husband Francisco’s, birthday party. We drove up to the house on the hill. The road leaves a little to be desired in places. If you miss this turn you’ll be in the cemetery - literally.
The beautiful view from the house. That is the dirt road from the beach into Aticama.
The house itself.
Much to our surprise no one was there. So off we went again to find them. They were at the RV park just past Aticama and were not planning to go to the house until after dark. At the time of Francisco’s birth they were going to release glowing balloons. Here’s a link to them - http://www.skylanterns.us/About-Sky-Lanterns-s/87.htm
We returned home and at the designated time went outside to watch the balloons float out over the water. Pretty neat.
Sunset that night – taken from Playa Amor RV Park.
Bill is a little under the weather for the last couple of days. Just feeling lethargic. So we’ve done next to nothing. If he doesn’t get feeling better he is going to the doctor in the town down the road.

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