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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First full day in Aticama

Managed to get yesterday’s post uploaded last night using the TelCel, but I think if I want reliable Internet service I’m going to have to go sit in the restaurant and use their WiFi. Probably be a lot less aggravation.  I have managed to go on-line a couple of times this a.m. to check my mail and a couple of other things – it takes ffoorreevveerr for things to open up.
John, Carol and George have gone into Tepic to do some shopping this morning and Derek, Teresa and Cassia have decided they’ve had enough heat and sand for a while and are heading inland to a hot springs. Hopefully we’ll meet up with them somewhere sometime before we all head home. Keep up with Teresa’s blog at http://www.alifemadesimeple.com 
Talking to Teresa and Carol about crossing the border from Arizona into Mexico at Lukeville. Everyone always told us to cross there instead of Nogales that it was much easier. Guess it isn’t any more. Teresa and Derek didn’t have any problems but John and Carol were right behind them and had a few hiccups. The Mexican border guards went in their 5th wheel and inspected everything. AND took all of their beef products. Since when couldn’t you bring raw beef into Mexico? They also had to show all the papers for their dog and then a picture was taken of the dog in front of the RV….What’s with that? Whereas we crossed at Nogales and no one even stuck their head inside – in fact they just waved us on. So just a heads up if you are thinking about crossing at Lukeville, AZ.
Thought I’d put in a couple of pictures of the RV park and hotel.
Pool area with htoel in background

Ms Tioga      Us     Willie     John and Carol/'s 5th wheel
We have good 30 amps, water and sewer. There is WiFi available in the restaurant. There is a hotel and beautiful pool and we are right on the beach. Not bad for a little over US$10 a day. And the parents of the owners are having their 50th wedding anniversary party soon and we are invited.
Took a ride around town and down the beach and saw this man hunting for clams using his machete to dig them up.
And this living fence. There is wire strung between the growing trees.
Went into San Blas again for dinner at Tradiciones  - as always delicious. Bill and the owner Javier standing in front of the restaurant.
It isn’t fancy inside but the food makes up for it.
After we finished eating we walked up to the plaza. We were surprised to see that the Christmas tree had been put up since the night before. - to be continued.....
Wednesday a.m. (maybe if I can get on line) Finally gave up and am in the restaurant using their WiFi - TelCel just wouldn't cooperate.
Today is the big celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe here in Mexico but there have been processions the last couple of nights honoring her. Monday night I forgot my camera when we went into town. Last night I took it. Again I took a video – wish it had been lighter but….Be sure to turn your sound up high.
Honoring the Virgin last night were the fisherman of the area. The procession started at the harbor and walked to the main plaza and church. A police truck with lights flashing led the procession –
The video starts with the procession coming into view right next to the plaza in downtown. They turned right and went around the block coming back out on the main street then turning right again to go to the church. Every time they got a block closer to the church they would launch a firework/rocket to announce their location. We could hear the swish and see the streak then the BOOM.

At the beginning of the video you can hear the church bells ringing. I picked it up as it came around the block again. Some were still making the first turn – enough people to fill the street on three sides of the block Right behind the police truck were costumed men and women – some in red costumes some in blue. Most with feathered head dresses. Some of them carried bow shaped items that they were using to make snapping noises. Most of the people carried lit candles.  Another pick up truck carried a decorated shrine with a young girl posing as the Virgin. A brass band was playing as they walked along.
As they came to the church the colorfully robed marchers form a double line leading into the church. The priest came out and blessed the crown then they filed into the church for a mass. I just wish the video was of better quality….it was such a moving event.

A couple of pictures of the robed participants. Dancing past us on the street.
The bow shaped instrument they were making clicking/snapping sounds with.
Going into the church –

Because it was a very religious event I only took pictures when I could without being obtrusive. And it is hard to be unobtrusive when you have to use a flash!
We walked around the plaza for awhile. Again an explanation. The Cora Indians settled this area many many years ago. Some info about them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cora_people
And still inhabit it. Many of the people had dressed their children in traditional Kora style. We asked this little girl’s (14 months old) mother if we could take a picture of her. The dress is white cotton decorated with colorful hand embroidery. The little basket next to her is worn on the back and carries the person’s most precious items. She is holding two white candles that her Mom carried during the procession.
Just a look at a few of the people in the plaza. A couple of children in native dress. Tiny babies to grandparents were out celebrating.
This is a little boy in native dress, his colorful decorated hat is hanging down his back – they were buying churros.
As we walked back to the car we stopped to watch these women. This is also a tradition. In the picture is a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe. For 40 days she travels from home to home. When she is at a home people gather there to honor her. Someone will be with her the entire night up until she moves to the next home.

Today there is supposed to be something going on in town around noon. We'd planned on going into town to get warm banana bread and breaded chicken filets and maybe getting a hamburger - specially cooked at Tradiciones.

Well I couldn't upload the video will keep trying later in day. - even WiFi won't work in restaurant.

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  1. Hi guys! Nice that we can keep up with you this way! Too bad about the telcel stick! I can use it here at our site - glad about that.

    Good night but cool - LOL - hard to find the perfect nighttime temp. Oh well we have a little heater.