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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday Breakfast and Motorcycle Gang

Today is the day Willie the Jeep goes to the car doctor. Bill will take him to the Jeep dealership here in Mazatlan – has to be there at 9:30 – like I said I don’t know if it’s for diagnosis or curing. And will we get a rental car? Or be taking buses for a while? And of course yesterday while we were out driving around Willie was behaving perfectly. Not a thing wrong with him. No gear slippage and no oh oh lights on.

Yesterday morning I happened to look out the window as the sun was coming up. Love the jet trails in the sky.
Beings how it was Sunday we decided to go to the restaurant in the Torres hotel across the street for breakfast. And being the active seniors we are we jumped right in the car to drive there. We got to the gate of the RV park and noticed there was no traffic going on the our side, the north side, of the street and what little traffic there was on the other side was going about 2 miles an hour. Oh crap we had forgotten about the Marathon. Sat there and watched a bit and realized we could get to the hotel’s parking lot. As we crossed to the other side of the street we saw the last couple of runners about ½ a block ahead plodding along. In the heat and humidity – more power to them. The street was littered with cups and bottles as there was a water station right there. When we came out after breakfast the street was completely cleaned. Not a scrap of trash in sight.
Breakfast was good. This is the first time in a couple of years that it was warm enough in the beach side part of the restaurant to sit there with all the windows open. Nice view through an open window.  Last year we wore jackets and asked for a heater while eating there.
A shot of the hotel’s pool when we were leaving.. It’s funny – we can tell how long people have been here – pasty white legs and arms they got here yesterday, bright red backs and arms they’ve been here a day or two. Nice and brown and tan they are about ready to go home. Back to the snow and cold.
Later in the afternoon we took a ride across town. As it was Sunday the Malecón was pretty busy. Lots of vendors set up, trinkets and food. Lots of families walking around and out on the beach and in the water. Lots of in line skaters and skateboards.
And coming down the street were lots and lots of motorcycles. Probably over 100! Not something you see here often. Later we happened to see them posing for a picture so I snapped a quick one out the window. Lots and lots of them.

We went out to the lookout point by the lighthouse to watch the sunset. Just beginning.
The Baja Ferry pulled out of port while we were there.
The sun getting lower
The ferry passing by the setting sun.
We also drove around looking for the pedestrian walking street Bill had read about in the paper. Supposed to connect the cruise ship docks to the Centro Historico. Stopped and asked a bus driver if he knew where it was. Ended up talking to him for about ½ hour. Turns out he used to be a jeweler so he and Bill had a lot to talk about. Now at the price of gold he drives a bus. Finally found the street but by then it was too dark to get any good pictures. Will have to go back there earlier in the day. But we could see why the people living there aren’t too fond of the idea. Took away all their parking.
Time to get ready to take Willie in.

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  1. Enjoyed all the pictures but the one with the palm trees and sunset is especially beautiful.