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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A drive in the Red Rocks

AARRGG! Watched the truck race yesterday. What a wreck. What a stupid race. Hope Kyle has better luck today in his Cup car.
Finally got the water back in the campground and got to finish my load of laundry and did a couple more. Getting caught up with that. Good day for it yesterday what with the two soccer games and the race. Do the last load today. Housework never ends no matter where we are.
I’ve been watching the TV commercials for Nutella and wondering about it. Finally bought some. Yum good. Chocolate and nuts what else could you ask for?
Walking around the campground yesterday I saw this hydrant – cute
Yesterday late afternoon we took a drive towards Sedona into the Red Rock area. I never see too much of that area. So pretty. Just a couple of photos.

Then we stopped for dinner out. A pleasant day and Bill seems to be feeling better – adjusting to the altitude some.
I finished my latest knitting project. Finally got a beanie that looks good and is the right size done. Hurray! Persistence pays off I guess.

Been looking at the maps and think I’ve found a couple of nice off the main road drives we can take. One from Jerome to Perkinsville and another out to the Indian ruins we went to a couple of years ago. 


  1. It is beautiful scenery, have fun

  2. gorgeous scenery....hope Bill wasnt watering the bushes in that pic lol