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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Page Fish Hatchery in Arizona

We went out later in the afternoon yesterday to go to Home Depot to buy a new shower head for Alfie – the old one just wasn’t working well any more. Thank goodness everything was the same pipe size so we had several choices. Then to WalMart for more grapes. The greens ones this season are very good – nice and crunchy and sweet. Bill BBQd some Italian sausage for dinner – I know – it was his birthday but he wanted to cook.
Our favorite soccer team played to a tie yesterday but gets an extra point for a goal scored away from its home field. Today Real Madrid played – and they won - boo.
Lots of clouds in the sky this morning. Weather site says sunny and warm into the mid 80s. We’ve also changed our plans for when we leave here – going directly to Las Vegas without stopping in Williams – too high at 6500 feet and too cold mid 50s. Another time.
Went for a ride later in the day – first to the Santa Fe Golf Course to go to the restaurant but guess we were there too late in the day. No one was there. So on to a Fish Hatchery for trout. Pretty area. Lots of trees changing color. 
Walked around the hatchery into one of the big concrete buildings to look into the tanks.
Lots and lots of medium sized trouts. These guys don’t like the spot of sunshine.
Went into another building and found tanks and tanks of little bitty fish - to small to photograph well. Back to the outside pond again. Pretty fall colors, ducks, fish and a heron.
The heron – so elegant.
One of the colorful ducks -amazing the colors feathers can be. 
Bill feeding the fish and ducks. The hatchery was good enough to provide a bucket of food for them.
The sparkling part of the water were the fish grabbing the food. 
You can see some of them.
Another shot of the heron.
Just reflections in the pond. Nature continues to amaze me. 
From there we drove into Sedona. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing this. 

Blue sky, red rocks and houses that blend into the scenery.
We were stopped at a light and I noticed we were right by Coffeepot rock.  Bill had to lean way back so I could get the shot out of his window. [we used to have a blue enamel pot that looked just like that]
More red rock as we passed through Sedona.
Here in this part of Arizona the DOT seems to have a love affair with “round abouts” – I hate them but Bill thinks they are great. He's doing the driving so guess I really shouldn't care. 
Through the rest of town and on up 89A - Oak Creek Canyon. What a beautiful drive. Stay tuned for next post. 

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