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Friday, October 25, 2013

Indian Ruins - Part 1 - Palatki Ruins

Oops my mistake, the soccer game is tomorrow – so today is just NASCAR practice and qualifying. Or maybe go somewhere – we’ll see.
I took so many pictures yesterday it is really hard to figure out what ones to use. And the Internet is so slow this morning that I’m only going to post the first ruins we went to.
We got an early [for us] start yesterday morning. First going out to breakfast of course. Then because it was such a beautiful day we decided to take Willie [the Jeep] out into the desert. Weatheer was arming up fast with some clouds in the sky. In fact some storm looking clouds way to our north. We left 89A just south of Sedona on to The Boynton Pass Trail. Heading out to the Palatki and Honanki Ruins.  We started out on the paved 525 – only paved for about 500 feet it turns out. Then on to a nice wide graded dirt/gravel road. 
Cannot say enough about the scenery – all the colors of the desert and the mountains. Lots and lots of yellow flowers.
Before long the level gravel road got a little rougher and not quite so wide in places. Willie was loving it after being garaged most of the summer.
storm clouds in the distance 
A straight level section with a view that is fantastic. It looks almost like a painted backdrop.
Getting to the parking lot of the Palatki Ruins. One nice thing about this fee area is that it is a US Forest Service site and we can use our Golden Age pass to enjoy it. Oops now it is called Senior Pass. I like Golden Age better.
The information sign in the parking lot.
Looking one direction from the waiting area. 

Looking the other direction from same spot.
These Forest Service areas are always looking for volunteers to work here. Right now it is a couple – they have their 5th wheel parked right next to where I was standing when I took the previous two pictures. The truck in the lower right hand corner is theirs. Horrible view to wake up to every morning.
A little ground squirrel that lives here. Wasn’t afraid of anyone.
We had been to these ruins about six years ago. After we started up the walking trail to them I remembered it got kind of steep and rugged. In fact I had to pull over for a minute or two. Lots of high rock steps. In fact I put my camera away to be able to grab things to pull me up. So no pictures going up. I really need to do something about my lack of exercise. Besides just talk about it.
The last time we were here we could walk into and around the ruins – but because of vandalism they are now roped off and the volunteer acts like a guide. One of the buildings. 
It is estimated that the people lived in this region for 6,000 years. It is assumed they left the area because of warfare and drought.
The dwelling was about two stories high. The people were quite small the men around 5’6” and the women about 5 foot. Average life span 35 years.
This is some art that depicts what clan the Indians belonged to.
The view from the ruins. I wonder if with all the hunting and gathering and water hauling if they ever got the chance to enjoy it.
Going down I had my camera out for a bit. Some of the stone steps – going down was easy – though I’ve discovered I don’t feel as sure footed as I used to. When did that happen?
The easier part of the trail. At the information center there were walking sticks – wished I’d have picked one up to use.
Doesn’t that middle rock look like a monster face?
Fooling with the camera – set on oil painting setting. Different.
The weather was perfect – warm but not hot, a slight breeze and some clouds. Back into Willie we set out for the Honanki Ruins – just up the road [trail] a bit. They will be Part 2.

Now will try to post this part. Listening to some old country station and they are playing Do You Remember These.  Veronica and Betty - Archies girls, white bucks [I remember begging my Mom for a pair when in high school - never got them had saddle shoes instead] and the Hit Parade among others. 


  1. Very nice pictures, of areas where I have not been. But I don't have a jeep. My first trip through Sedona was 1953 in December, late in the afternoon, and the deep shadows made it impossible to get any good slides. When I got to Jerome, it was like everybody just left yesterday, but again terrible pictures. I stayed that night in Prescott.

  2. Gorgeous pics, you two! I was just looking at this last night, and then Beth on the womenrv forum, suggested I PM you, Carol, with some questions I have about Mexico. So I just PM'd you this morning.
    But this photos are making me wonder if I want to spend the winter in the Southwest rather than join my husband in the Yucatan. ;)

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