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Monday, October 7, 2013

Bad racing weekend

Bright sunshine greets us this morning. But it isn’t supposed to raise above the 60s today so Bill is freezing. Here’s a pic I took out of the front window on Saturday during the RAIN.
Bill played with the leveling jacks to drain some of the water off the slide outs. Like being under a waterfall. 
Reading a new series of books by Jefferson Bass. If you like Patricia Cornwall you’ll probably like these. The main character is a professor/forensic anthropologist who gets involved in lots of crime investigations. I’ve read the first three in the series so far. Available for the nook, haven’t checked our library yet. [Checked and they only have the first two in the series - shoot]
Monday morning – bright sun but still cool. Hopefully warming up to mid-seventies.
Pretty much hung around RV yesterday too – sunny but cold out. And I wanted to watch the race. Kind of wish I hadn’t…..Kansas is just not Kyle’s race track. He wrecked his car in practice. Had to go to back up car. Almost wrecked it first lap then managed to really wreck it about 2/3 of the way through. So he’s dropped back to 5th in points. All in all not a good weekend.
We did go out for a while last night. Talk about a ghost town. Only three or four cars on the main street of Branson. No shows last night because it was Sunday. We did go to Dicks 5 & 10 store. What a place. Got my pin and magnet. Saw all kinds of stuff I hadn’t seen in years. And of course all kinds of collectibles from Santas to Betty Boop and Elvis and old washing machines (not for sale).

.Also lots of lunch boxes. Didn’t know they still made them. Do kids still use them? 
The store has been open since the mid 1900s - 
Don't know if we'll leave today or stay a couple more days. 

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  1. Oh, thanks for the memories. I had forgotten abot Dick's five and dime store. Loved that place!! Looking forward to the day we can return to Branson.