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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Short morning post

Been up for a while but haven’t looked outside yet but don’t hear any rain drops. Got quite a lot of rain after we settled in last night. Glad we stopped when we did. Made reservations for a campsite in Branson for a few days so we are finally going to go there. Pass it every year and say “We need to go there.” Today there are supposed to be scattered thunderstorms, Friday should be clear and Saturday a mess. We’ll see. We’re not in a hurry just so I have TV to watch the race Sunday.
Our itinerary this year as always is fluid. So far we are talking about going to Monument Valley and Moab (if it isn’t snowing) in Utah. Maybe Sedona, AZ again – have a Thousand Trails membership campground there. Of course, Las Vegas to see our son and family. Also talking about spending some time in California to see family there. Then down by San Diego area, over to Quartzite to check on some RV stuff. Back to Amado, AZ before crossing into Mexico through Nogales sometime in December. So we’ll be doing more wandering around than usual this year. Once in Mexico who knows…..
Will write more after we settle in Branson

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